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Customer Story

AgriWebb reduced support costs by 80% and retains 99% of customers with Intercom

With Josh Collins, Director of Sales at AgriWebb

At a glance
  • $41

    reduction in cost per support interaction

  • 94%


  • 99%

    customer retention rate


AgriWebb is an agtech platform that aims to equip farmers with key data points that will enable them to make informed business decisions.


Sydney, Australia



Key features used


Custom Bots

Team Inbox


AgriWebb is a livestock business management solution that is moving the agriculture industry forward. Their industry-leading digital solutions empower producers and livestock innovators throughout the supply chain to transform data into powerful business insights that unlock a more profitable, efficient, and sustainable future.

Before using Intercom, AgriWebb's support consisted of one phone line and one email address, which were expensive and difficult to scale. They wanted a communications platform that would integrate well with other tools used across the business, enable them to reduce the cost of support, and provide fast resolutions for their customers at scale. 


Intercom now sits at the center of AgriWebb’s tech ecosystem, integrating with tools like Aircall, Salesforce, and Zoom to enable efficient communication and drive impact across the business. Leveraging features like Articles and Custom Bots, the team has reduced their cost per support interaction by 80% – from $51 to $10 – in just two years, all while growing their customer base. They rely on Intercom features like conversation topics to identify trends in customer queries and drive continuous improvement across their support. With a customer satisfaction score of 94% and retention standing at a staggering 99%, it's evident that the team is truly delighting their customers.

AgriWebb has identified a strong link between the customer success experience, in which Intercom plays a key role, and revenue. The Sales team utilizes Intercom to engage with customers on trials to create delightful experiences and drive new business growth.

Having a unified ecosystem for customer communication, which Intercom provides, has enabled us to go from spending $51 per support interaction to $10 in two years. We’ve reduced our costs while providing our customers with a better experience.
Josh Collins

Director of Sales at AgriWebb