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Ideris uses Intercom to create stellar experiences throughout the customer journey

With Rodrigo Moro, Business Intelligence Coordinator at Ideris.

At a glance
  • 5k

    help center visits per month

  • 17%

    increase in self-serve support rate

  • 6k

    monthly conversations managed


Ideris is an e-commerce integration solution for businesses.


Curitiba, Parana, Brazil



Key features used

Team Inbox


Product Tours

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Brazilian e-commerce integration solution Ideris's previous support tool wasn't proving to be a fit for its team or customers' needs. On the very same day it was implemented, the team received complaints from customers that their conversations weren’t being responded to – and the Support team reported that chats weren’t being received.

To solve this, Ideris needed to find a support tool that would inspire trust in both its Support team and customers. The team wanted a platform that would enable them to work efficiently and provide stellar support. Having worked with Intercom in the past, they knew it had the solutions they were looking for.

We really like Intercom’s UI and we know that it provides an outstanding experience for our customers, which we feel pretty great about. It’s as simple as that!
Rodrigo Moro

Business Intelligence Coordinator at Ideris


Thanks to Intercom, Ideris is confident that it's creating high-touch, stand-out experiences for customers throughout their journey with the platform.

Providing personal, efficient support

The Intercom Messenger is Ideris’s primary support channel for customer queries. Speaking to the team's decision to implement Intercom to support their customers, Rodrigo Moro, Business Intelligence Coordinator at Ideris, says, "We really like Intercom's UI and we know that it provides an outstanding experience for our customers, which we feel pretty great about. It's as simple as that!"

The team leverages Articles to host a robust help center and empower customers to self-serve answers to their own queries. Before using Intercom, Ideris's help center was receiving up to 500 visits per month. Since implementing Intercom, it's receiving more than 5,000 visits every month – a 90% increase. This enables many customers to fully resolve their issues without the need for extra help from the team. In fact, with Intercom's help, Ideris has increased its self-serve support rate by 17%, freeing up the Support team’s time to focus on more complex or urgent queries.

Connecting with customers at every touchpoint

To enhance the customer onboarding experience, Ideris uses Product Tours to give new users a walkthrough of the platform and quickly bring them up to speed. The team also leverages Intercom’s outbound messaging capabilities to connect with users throughout their journey with the Ideris platform.

They use Intercom's visual campaign builder, Series, to check in on customers during onboarding, proactively survey customers to gauge sentiment and satisfaction, and collect feedback to ensure they're creating the most seamless and personalized experience possible.

As a growing business, Ideris can adapt to meet the changing needs of its customers with Intercom. As a platform the team can grow into as it needs to, they can adopt more of its features and capabilities as needs arise. Having started out just using Intercom to support customers through live chat, Ideris has since expanded to leverage other features to explore new and innovative ways of engaging with their customers. The team also leverages the Intercom API to connect other tools in their tech stack, enabling them to create consistent experiences for customers – and streamline workflows for support reps.