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Customer Story

Outschool used Intercom to reduce FRT by 91% throughout rapid business growth

With Tristram Hewitt, Head of Operations at Outschool

At a glance
  • 91%

    decrease in FRT in one year

  • 27.5K

    monthly conversations

  • 93.8%



Outschool is an innovative education platform that offers engaging, small-group classes online.


San Francisco, California, USA



Key features used

Team Inbox

Outbound Messages

Product Tours



Online education platform Outschool experienced a whopping 10x growth with the onset of the pandemic – with only two people working on support. This resulted in a huge backlog of customer conversations that the team needed to manage.

They wanted to make sure customers were being responded to in a timely fashion, as well as ensuring their team could be as efficient as possible while providing support at scale to support the business’s growth. With surging conversation volume, they needed to enhance their self-serve support offering to meet customers’ expectations of fast responses, as well as free up the team’s time.


Outside of its own admin tool, Outschool uses Intercom as its primary platform for customer engagement. The team also uses the platform to power customer support and create stellar experiences for its customers. For Outschool, some big benefits of Intercom are that it’s flexible, has a good UI, enables low-code customer engagement, and has a lot of features that meet the team’s needs, meaning they don’t have to use a ton of different tools. Any additional tools they do need are well integrated with Intercom, including Slack, Google Forms,, Airtable, Lokalise, Jira, and Klaus, to ensure their systems are in sync and they can get a single view of customer accounts and conversation history.

The team likes that Intercom unifies their customer communications to give them a more holistic view of the customer experience. They use Outbound Messages, Product Tours, and Banners to engage customers and set them up for success using Outschool. They’ve created sophisticated ticket assignment and routing rules to ensure they can manage surges in inbound conversation volume efficiently and provide engaging, consistent customer experiences as their business continues to grow.

I've used Zendesk in the past. Intercom is easy to use, the UI is good and the features are well integrated. It brings our inbound and outbound comms together to give us a holistic view of the customer, which isn't the case with some other platforms.
Tristram Hewitt

Head of Customer Experience at Outschool