Announcing our refreshed guide ‘The Customer Retention Starter Kit’

A few years ago, we published The Customer Retention Starter Kit which helped thousands of businesses retain more customers over the long term. Today, we’re launching a completely refreshed guide to help you engage, nurture, and retain more customers in the modern age.

In today’s digital era, engaging and retaining the customers you have is easier and more efficient than winning new ones. Plus, turbulent economic times like these have shown us just how hard it is to win customer loyalty. In order to survive and thrive, businesses need to provide ongoing value that’s worth customers sticking around for.

“Modern customers want immediate value, convenient communications, personalized interactions, and proactive engagement”

Modern customers have high expectations when it comes to the online experience. They want immediate value, convenient communications, personalized interactions, and proactive engagement. That means automatically sending the right message to the right person at the right time – while they’re using your product, app, or website. And, if your customer can’t find that in your business, they may begin to search elsewhere.

That’s where our refreshed starter kit comes in! We’ll show you how to create a truly targeted customer retention messaging campaign that turns struggling signups into a series of churn-resistant power users. 💪

How our refreshed guide will help you retain more customers

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create effective, personalized retention campaigns that set your customers up for success, help them find value faster, encourage repeat visits, and entice them to stick around for the long term.

You’ll walk away with key insights into:

  • What a good customer retention campaign looks like.
  • Best practices for creating a deeply personalized retention campaign.
  • Examples of impactful messages to send and when to send them.
  • How to measure the success of your campaign.
  • A checklist for getting your campaign started.

Retain more customers for long-term success

Customer retention is the new conversion – and it’s never been more critical to long-term business success than it is today. Businesses need to optimize their customer experience to ensure it’s compelling enough to keep customers returning again and again. Download the guide to start creating personalized, timely retention campaigns that build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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