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Announcing Intercom Academy – a new place to learn and grow

Today we’re excited to launch a brand new learning platform called Intercom Academy: a series of on-demand courses that teach our customers how to become better at their jobs at every stage of their career.

We’ve always placed a high value on educating our customers and helping them get the most value from Intercom. In the early days of Intercom, our Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder Des Traynor hosted daily “seminars” to show new signups and prospects how to achieve success with Intercom.

“We realized that we could provide our customers with an in-depth suite of courses designed to help them excel at their jobs”

Over time, these efforts transformed into an entire Customer Engagement team dedicated to helping customers discover “aha” moments within our product through multiple education channels, including docs, webinars, in-product videos, and more.

Recently, we asked our customers how they could get even more value from Intercom. It turns out that lots of our customers were creating their own long-form training guides to onboard and upskill teammates. This led to an “aha” moment of our own: we realized that we could provide our customers with an in-depth suite of courses designed to help them excel at their jobs.

Stay at the forefront of your field

Today we’re taking our customer education to the next level and launching Intercom Academy; a series of on-demand courses that help our customers continuously grow their business and career.

Our vision for Intercom Academy is big: we want to empower our customers to feel like they are an expert at their job, a forefront of their team and field, a part of a community whose voice is heard.

Introducing our first two courses

As with most things we create at Intercom, when we started building Intercom Academy our plan was to think big and start small. We knew we wanted to build a suite of courses designed to meet our customers where they are and to help them grow to the next level in their careers.

“It became clear that large and small businesses alike wanted comprehensive and consistent training guides”

To ship something meaningful fast, we asked our customers which topics would be most valuable for them to learn about. We wanted to know: Where were they struggling? What did they care about? How could we help them achieve their goals?

It became clear that large and small businesses alike wanted comprehensive and consistent training guides to align their teams, particularly around live chat best practices. That’s exactly what we created.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to unveil our first two courses for Intercom Academy that you, our customers, have told us that you want and need:

Support course: Become a live chat support expert

As a Customer Support Representative (CSR), delivering world class support is your top priority. With this course, you’ll learn how to support your customers personally at scale and resolve their issues faster, without losing the human touch.

If you’re an Intercom customer, you can sign up now and learn how to:

  • Give your customers personal, delightful support
  • Work with teammates to resolve trickier issues faster
  • Manage and streamline your busy inbox

Sales course: Become an SDR pro

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR), maintaining a consistently healthy sales pipeline is key to your success. With this course, you’ll learn how to convert more opportunities into customers and hit your targets with a sustainable, scalable approach to sales.

If you’re an Intercom customer you can sign up now and learn how to:

  • Quickly capture the information you need from leads with impactful questions
  • Develop a playbook of qualification tactics to use in any scenario
  • Avoid the time drain of switching between tools by customizing your inbox

Whether you’re a sales or support manager who wants to upskill and align your entire team or an individual contributor who wants to proactively brush up on your own skills, these courses will help you deliver lasting impact within your organization.

Each course is made up of engaging on-demand lessons, step-by-step guides, and quizzes that will help you and your teammates master your topic of choice quickly.

Level up at every stage of your career

What we’re launching today is just the beginning of a comprehensive suite of courses that will equip you and your business with the skills and strategies you need to grow both now and in the future.

“Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you can come back to Intercom Academy again and again”

We’ll be continuously adding a host of courses designed to help individual contributors, managers, developers, and job seekers become experts on a particular topic quickly. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, you can come back to Intercom Academy again and again to master a new set of skills and level up for your next challenge.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the courses we have coming soon:

  • Courses for managers to help them successfully manage and scale their teams.
  • Courses for developers to help them build on Intercom and get more value from our API.
  • Certification courses to help people who want to take the next step in their career – whether they’re looking for a new job or gearing up for a promotion – to showcase their expertise in the marketplace.

Designed to grow with your needs

In the spirit of how we ended up here (by obsessing over our customers’ needs) we’d love to keep learning from you. Your feedback will help us directly shape the future of Intercom Academy and the courses we create.

So, let us know what you want to learn about Intercom – whether that’s how you can use specific features, better engage your customers, master specific workflows, scale your team, or anything else.

Become an early Intercom Academy graduate

At Intercom, as we work toward our mission of making internet business personal, we’ll continue to bring new and increasingly powerful technology to the market. As the market continues to evolve, Intercom Academy will help you keep pace and master the latest skills you need to thrive in your career.

Whether you’re a self-motivated learner, or you’re required to upskill as part of a new role, continuously upgrading your skills makes you not just better at your job, but happier and more in demand in your field.

Stay ahead of the curve and become one of our first graduates: