Fin, the breakthrough AI bot for customer service, keeps getting better

The future of customer service is human + AI. A future where human intelligence and artificial intelligence combine to make customer service remarkable.

In March of last year – in pursuit of this future – we released our breakthrough AI chatbot, Fin. Fin automatically resolves customer issues with safe, accurate, conversational answers based solely on your support content.

Since Fin’s launch, we’ve added over 20 new features and capabilities, making it multilingual, enhancing answer quality, providing deeper reporting, and more.

Thousands of Intercom customers are achieving incredible results with Fin, with an average conversation resolution rate of 41%. We’ll continue to invest deeply in AI, improving and augmenting everything Fin has to offer to help your team deliver speedier resolutions and better quality customer experiences.

How Fin helps your team and customers

Higher support volume, limited resources, and increasing customer expectations are putting more pressure on your support team. Using the most sophisticated AI language models, Fin can:

  • Dramatically reduce support volume. Our customers are seeing an average conversation resolution rate of 41% with some achieving up to 50%.
  • Unlock 24/7 support.
  • Achieve faster first response times and resolutions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with fast, accurate answers.

7 ways Fin has improved

Support customers with Fin in 45 languages

Fin is now multilingual and is available in 45 languages. In addition to English, Fin supports conversations in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Brazilian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and more.

Improved answer quality with clarifying questions and multi-source answers

When a customer asks a vague or unclear question, instead of handing over the conversation to your support team, Fin now has the power to ask intelligent clarifying questions. This resolves customer questions faster and keeps conversations out of your support team’s inbox.

In addition to this, Fin can now compile intelligent answers from multiple sources as opposed to a single article or piece of support content. With this capability, beta customers saw their resolution rates improve by 10 percentage points on average.

Stay ahead of your Fin spend with usage limits

Now you can get flexible control over how much your team spends on Fin. Once your team has reached a predefined resolution limit, Fin’s AI answers will be automatically disabled and you’ll be notified in-app.

Important note: When you reach a limit, Fin will follow your pre-defined handover preferences and any custom answers for Fin will continue to work as normal.

Measure how satisfied your customers are with Fin conversations

Measure your customers’ satisfaction with every Fin conversation, and identify conversations and areas that are performing well or in need of improvement with a CSAT for Fin survey.

Along with a dedicated report, CSAT data is also directly available in the inbox, providing your support team with upfront context on how a customer is feeling before responding to their query.

Easily power Fin with your support content and conversations

Ever wondered, what if Fin could learn from the conversations you’re having with customers in the inbox and then respond with similar answers in the future? Now it can with conversation snippets.

You can also add other types of content for Fin to learn from and respond to queries with, including:

  • Snippets of content that aren’t publicly available on your Help Center, such as internal notes, internal knowledge base content, website FAQs, and bug or issue details.
  • PDF files.

Deeply integrate Fin into your automated Workflows

Now you can deeply integrate Fin into your existing or future automated Workflows for more control over where and how Fin shows up to your customers. You can also build more advanced handovers from Fin to your team.

Test Fin before it goes live

We’ve improved the Fin setup and preview experience, making it easier, and more visual, to test Fin before it goes live.

Fin is now your team’s AI assistant in the inbox too

Intercom is the only customer service solution that combines the best of humans and AI technology into one seamless platform. Fin seamlessly hands off any queries that need the human touch to your support team so they can use their empathy and expertise to reach resolution.

The power of Fin is now also in the inbox, providing AI assistance to your team as they resolve queries in the backend – instantly summarizing conversations, personalizing replies, and automatically completing simple tasks.

What’s next for Fin?

We believe that AI will completely transform customer service, which is why we’re all in on customer service AI. Our team will continue to work hard and fast to make Fin more impactful, so your team can resolve even more queries faster and provide world-class customer experiences.

We have lots of exciting updates planned on our product roadmap this year, some of which are:

  • Fin via email so that Fin can hold conversations with your customers in their inbox as well as yours.
  • A Content API so Fin can tap into your private help center content.
  • Fin tone of voice to allow you to give Fin a personality that aligns with your unique brand.
  • ROI reporting so you can understand the $ value Fin is bringing to your business.
  • Sentiment analysis so you can assess the tone of your customers’ messages.

Fin can reduce your support volume, unlock 24/7 support, give hours back to your support team, and takes minutes to activate. Try Fin now by testing it with your own help center or start a free trial.

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