New book: Intercom on Customer Engagement

Main illustration: Kyle Benson

The importance of engaging with your customers is arguably the biggest change that has occurred in business in the 21st century.

That sounds like a bold statement. But we’ve moved so rapidly from a world of big one-off sales every few months or years to an era of lower-cost monthly payments that are easily cancelled, that it is easy to overlook the ramifications of that change.

Customer engagement is never done

If customers who aren’t using your product can walk away at any moment, engagement becomes key to your company’s survival. And it’s not one of those things where you can tick the box and say it’s done. Customer engagement at its core is about communicating with your customers at key moments in the relationship so they get to the outcome they want from using your product.

Just as our efforts at engaging with customers don’t remain static, our thinking on how to engage them has evolved. Which is why today we’re releasing our latest book, Intercom on Customer Engagement.

Sound familiar? That’s because just over two years ago we published a book of the same name.
But in the interim, it is not just our thinking on engagement that has evolved. So too has Intercom’s flagship product, Engage.

From tools to manage visitors’ expectations when they reach out to you, to automating follow-up actions, Engage has become so much more powerful since we first put our thoughts about engagement down on paper. Most significantly, we introduced Smart Campaigns, our take on high impact message automation that is easy to manage.

The new book reflects those improvements and covers:

  • The Right People – how to think about who gets what communications
  • The Right Message – how to write messages that will achieve results
  • The Right Way and The Right Time – how to choose the right medium and cadence for your messages

The stakes are high

We all use software products where we’ve literally never heard from the makers. If an alternative comes along, though, we’re probably ripe for a change. On the flip side, some software companies overcommunicate to such an extent that we’ve either unsubscribed from their emails or have become adept at filtering them out. At Intercom we firmly believe a series of thoughtfully conceived, targeted messages is the most efficient way to strike the balance and grow your business.

Intercom on Customer Engagement simply shares our latest thinking on this universal challenge. Grab your copy today.