How to scale live chat (without spending a fortune or driving your team crazy)

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few years, you’ll likely have heard a common refrain – the way people buy software is changing.

The rise of smartphones, messaging, artificial intelligence (AI), and other groundbreaking technologies has led to a new set of expectations for buyers. We can now get exactly what we’re looking for in real-time, on-demand, whether that’s scheduling a ride, booking a place to stay or renting a movie.

These expectations are fast carrying over to purchasing software too. Forms and lengthy follow-ups are out. Live chat and fast, real-time conversations are in.

However, the immediate concern of almost every team adding live chat to their website is the perceived increase in volume.

Live chat implies an almost instant response, and many businesses are concerned about managing the volume of messages that might come from adding live chat to their website, whether that’s  spending too much time with low value conversations or visitors who are just kicking the tires. For businesses who may get thousands or millions of people visiting their website every year, staffing 1:1 conversations with every prospect can appear a daunting task.

So is it possible to provide a high quality experience on live chat with your existing team, without burning through cash or driving your team insane? We’re here to tell you that it absolutely is.

Our new guide, Setting Your Sales Team Up For Success With Live Chat, will walk you through the fundamentals of how to scale live chat as your company (and conversations) grows.

live chat scale

We’re going to give you the best practices to lay out your live chat game and answer the most common questions we get about live chat.

  • How do you build and staff a team around live chat for the first time?
  • How do you scale it 24/7 without hiring additional staff or taxing your sales team?
  • How do you control volume day-to-day? We’ll answer all those questions, and more.

Live chat is here to stay, but it does require some planning to get right. By reading this guide, and knowing what to focus on first, your team will be ready for success right out of the gate.

Head this way and get your team up and running with live chat right away.