New book: Intercom on Onboarding

The shift away from one-time transactions toward recurring revenue has made user onboarding the critical step in scaling a product company. Hence our latest book is all about onboarding.

The shift from buy-before-you-try to try-before-you-buy in software has moved the focus to what happens after users sign-up. Over the past 10 years our understanding has progressed from a design focused “you should point out the different parts of this interface”, to a business focused “you should nudge users to do things that the business values”.

The most effective onboarding is firmly centered on conversations between a business and a user. It’s about finding that common ground where both sides get value. That’s what this book will help you work though.

Over the course of nine chapters, we’ll cover:

  • The differences between onboarding individuals and teams
  • Keeping your onboarding relevant and fresh over time
  • Identifying low-hanging fruit in onboarding
  • Showing customers the value of your product during a trial
  • Continuously onboarding existing customers to new features

As with all our books you can read it on any device – it’s available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF. With heaps of new content, illustrations, and diagrams, along with some of the more popular pieces from our blog, we believe it’s one of our best books yet.