Intercom on Customer Engagement – now on audiobook

In customer engagement, the right context for a message matters just as much as the right time and recipient. Given that content is in itself a tool for engagement, the same principle is in play.

Today, we released our second installment in our audiobook series, Intercom on Customer Engagement. Divided into 8 shorter chapters, this compilation is our guide to crafting actionable messaging strategies that will help you grow your business. Each chapter is narrated by an Intercom team member who’s actually engaging our own customers on a regular basis. Along the way, they’ll walk you through:

  • writing messages that are laser focused on the right individual
  • using the right voice, tone and format for maximum impact
  • and ensuring your message is received at the right time and in the most appropriate medium

Give the book a listen below, or download it as a series anywhere you currently subscribe to the Inside Intercom podcast. That includes iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher, SoundCloud and more. And if a reading experience is still the right context for you, a free copy is available here.

We’ve been revisiting our full library of published books (seven and counting!) and are in the process of re-releasing them in shortened audio format for easy digestion. If you enjoy Intercom on Customer Engagement, be sure to check out our first audiobook, Intercom on Product Management, and keep an eye (or an ear) out for more to come.