Internal knowledge content

Prepare your internal knowledge content for AI

If your external knowledge content isn’t in great shape, your internal content is probably even worse. I talk to a lot of customer service folks who share this common pain point.

Of course, this isn’t the fault of your busy customer service team. It’s because you haven’t had the time or a MUST-do reason to prioritize internal knowledge content. Until now…

“Knowledge content is the fuel that feeds the AI beast”

Recently, at Intercom we announced Fin AI Copilot, a personal AI assistant for every support agent. It pulls directly from your past conversations and both external and internal content, like internal articles, dev docs, and your public-facing help articles.

At Intercom, we have been beating a consistent mantra: knowledge content is the fuel that feeds the AI beast. This was always true of external content with the arrival of chatbots, like Fin AI Agent, and now it’s also true of internal knowledge content with the emergence of AI copilots.

Start optimizing your internal knowledge content to feed the AI engine

Now is the time to invest in creating and optimizing really great, streamlined knowledge management. Not just external content, but internal content too.

Here are my tops tips:

  • Make sure your internal knowledge is accurate, clear, and understandable.
  • Identify and fill in gaps in your internal knowledge content and keep it up to date.
  • Make knowledge management everyone’s responsibility in your company. Encourage folks from all departments to flag out of date content or missing gaps.

Investing in optimizing internal content compounds in value over time. Fin AI Copilot is already generating real results – early beta customers are seeing a 31% increase in efficiency gains across their team. Invest in creating great content now, and it will pay dividends quickly and over time.

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