Introducing Scale – expert advice on driving business growth through customer relationships

Main illustration: Jason Yim

Today we’re excited to bring you Scale, a place where we explore how industry leaders are propelling their companies forward – by keeping their customers front and center.

Too often, when we think about growing our businesses, we focus on the mechanics of growth. How can we drive down our CAC and drive up our LTV? What’s the CTR on our latest customer engagement campaign? Is our CSAT high enough and our FRT short enough?

What gets lost in these acronyms is something crucial to your company’s long-term success: your customers. There are real people behind those percentages and figures – but staying connected with them takes work. As teams scale up, customers can easily turn from people you know into numbers you optimize.

“With Scale, we’re turning our attention to the heart of business growth – customer relationships”

Scale is here to help you connect with your customers as people, not numbers. That’s why, with Scale, we’re turning our attention to the heart of business growth – customer relationships. We’re sharing advice from support, marketing, and sales leaders who’ve forged deep connections with their customers and new paths for their companies.

Why support, marketing, and sales? Because it’s only through all three functions working together that you can persuade new customers to sign up today and then stick around tomorrow.

Scale podcast featuring Leela Srinivasan, CMO at SurveyMonkey

You might remember Scale from our podcast where, over the course of two seasons, we spoke with leaders from the industry’s fastest-growing companies, including:

Now we’re expanding Scale to give you even more of what you need to build a resilient business grounded in strong customer relationships. You’ll find expert insights, industry research and trend reports, and, on the podcast, conversations with the best in support, marketing, and sales. Across Scale, you’ll get:

  • Real advice from real leaders: Hear from your peers in support, marketing, and sales about what they’ve learned growing their companies.
  • Next generation ideas: Future-proof your success with new ideas and fresh ways of thinking that will advance your career and organization.
  • Answers to top business problems: Get the strategic and practical guidance you need for the challenges you’re dealing with right now.

Growth begins with relationships

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