Optimize with Operator: Work smarter with automation and bots

We’ve spoken at length about the impact automation and bots can have on your sales and support teams – all powered by Operator. But you may be wondering what Operator is and what exactly does it do?

Operator is our automation technology that powers all of our bots. It’s the driving force behind the bots that take mundane tasks off your hands, like Task Bots, Custom Bots and Answer Bot. It’s unique because it creates huge efficiencies for your teams while maintaining meaningful personal connections with customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Check out our ‘Introduction to Operator‘ video above to get a quick overview of how Operator has a leading role in our automation mission for 2019!

You’ll also find this video on our Product Tours  page. This is where we group short, best practice videos together to help you get the job done. The “Work smarter with automation and bots” playlist gives an overview of Custom Bots before diving into how to design a Custom Bot. These videos show your sales team how to reshape their sales cycle and help your marketing teams drive more engagement and product usage. We give an overview of how Answer Bot can save your support team time, allowing them to focus on more important conversations, as well as covering three key steps to training Answer Bot, making sure you’re maximizing its potential.

When you’re ready to get started with automation at Intercom, we’re confident you can find the right bot for your business needs with Operator.

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