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Customer Story

Appliances Online unified its digital and in-store experiences and generated $1M in ARR with Intercom

With Amal Jawad, Engine Room Manager at Appliances Online

At a glance
  • 50%

    decrease in first-response time

  • 20%

    increase in CSAT

  • 200%

    increase in lead conversion through the Messenger


Appliances Online is Australia’s largest online appliance retailer and the e-commerce arm of brick-and-mortar retailer Winning Appliances.


New South Wales, Australia



Key features used

Team Inbox

Outbound Messages


Founded by John Winning, Appliances Online is Australia’s largest online appliance retailer and the e-commerce arm of century-old, brick-and-mortar retailer Winning Appliances. Having always been known for providing exceptional in-store customer service, John Winning wanted to replicate that in a digital setting with Appliances Online and provide customers with the seamless shopping experiences they’ve long been used to receiving.

To do this, Appliances Online needed a robust and customizable platform that would enable them to communicate with customers in real-time. The team turned to Intercom to ensure that the customer service they pride themselves on could be unified with their online experience.


Having started out using Intercom for live chat, Appliances Online has since expanded its use of the platform to provide its customers with ongoing engagement throughout their journey. 

Support: The team uses Intercom to offer real-time support. They leverage the platform’s reporting capabilities to maintain their minimum first-response time of 1.5 minutes and 80% CSAT. 

Engage: Intercom has enabled them to stay nimble as customer needs have evolved in recent years. During the height of Australia’s COVID-19 lockdown, they were able to provide updates to customers about changing rules and restrictions using Intercom’s Banners feature. 

Convert: The team uses the Intercom Messenger to drive increased on-site conversions – and business growth, as a result. This has enabled the team to convert 200% more leads through Intercom and generate a staggering $1 million in ARR.

Due to the brand’s impressive gains using Intercom, Winning expanded their use of the platform to five of their other e-commerce brands.

What we love the most about Intercom is the speed at which we can access KPI data that helps ensure we are always providing and maintaining the best possible customer experience. This insight also enables faster training opportunities for our teams.
Amal Jawad

Engine Room Manager at Appliances Online