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Customer Story

Motosumo achieves 93% CSAT and doubled its trial-to-paid conversion rate with Intercom

With Jens Juel Jensen, Chief Product Owner at Motosumo

At a glance
  • 93%


  • Up to 50%

    open rate on emails triggered based on user action

  • 200%

    increase in trial-to-paid conversions using Series


Motosumo is a health and wellness company that offers interactive, community-based, and instructor-driven workouts that its members can enjoy anywhere.


Copenhagen, Denmark


Health & wellness, Software

Key features used

Team Inbox

Targeted Messages



Before using Intercom to power its communications, indoor cycling app Motosumo found it challenging to keep track of customer conversations. Following up on emails was complex and a very manual process, and not having a platform for managing support conversations meant that a lot of time was wasted having to manually assign conversations to teammates.

The team went in search of a solution that would enable them to reach out to customers in a more cohesive way. As they transitioned from a B2B to B2C model, they had to find new and innovative ways to engage with their customers, which their previous email set-up didn't allow. They wanted a single communications platform that would integrate with the rest of their tech stack and enable them to create a better customer experience.


Motosumo uses Intercom to power customer support and engagement. This allows them to streamline their workflows and create better and more consistent experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Providing efficient, personal support

The Intercom Inbox serves as a single home for customer conversations. With everything being managed in one platform, support reps are empowered to collaborate with other teammates more effectively, easily keep track of customer conversations and history, and provide faster resolutions for customers. By leveraging Intercom's inbox management capabilities, Motosumo has reduced the number of manual tasks needed to resolve customers' queries, resulting in the team saving time overall, and customer satisfaction remaining high. In fact, the team's CSAT score currently sits at an impressive 93%.

Engaging customers in the right place and at the right time

As a B2C company, Motosumo can now avail of Intercom's outbound messaging options – such as email, mobile carousels, and push notifications – to ensure they meet customers where they are. This has enabled them to be more proactive in their customer engagement and do A/B test messaging without developer support.

Using Intercom's visual campaign builder, Series, to engage with new trial users, the team has doubled their trial-to-paid conversion rate. The team is also seeing open rates of up to 50% on emails triggered based on user action.

Creating consistent experiences at every touchpoint

Intercom integrates with a number of tools in Motosumo's tech stack, such as Slack, Google Analytics, Stripe, Calendly, Segment, and more, which allows the team to sync data across their core systems and derive insights they can use to build great, consistent experiences for their customers.

Having our Support and Customer Success teams working in a single platform saves us a lot of time and makes it easy to create strong experiences for our customers.
Jens Juel Jensen

Chief Product Owner at Motosumo

With all of its core tools connected to Intercom and multiple teams using a single platform, Motosumo is empowered to provide stellar customer support and engagement at every stage of the lifecycle. "Having our Support and Customer Success teams working in a single platform saves us a lot of time and makes it easy to create strong experiences for our customers, says Jens Juel Jensen, Chief Product Owner at Motosumo. "We’re seeing the benefits of that in our results – our CSAT is at 93% and we’re converting 200% more trial users to paid plans since we started using Series to engage with them."