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The most complete
AI-powered support platform

Fully integrated and omnichannel, Intercom is a complete customer service platform that delivers faster, more personalized support at scale.


Everything you need in one place

No more point solutions, no clunky integrations. Intercom has everything you need to maximize productivity and deliver personalized support.


Integrated by design

Every tool in the Intercom platform is built to work together—so you can seamlessly switch tasks and deliver better, faster support.

Customer Data & Reporting

Optimize performance with a 360° view of your customers

  • Target custom segments

    Leverage company, conversation, behavioral, and custom data to target specific customer segments and prioritize important customers.

  • Flexible data management

    Import, manage, and segment your data or easily export it to your data warehouse for modeling and analysis.

  • Real-time reporting and dashboards 

    Stay up to date with your support operations by monitoring current volume, team capacity, and key KPIs—all updated in real time.

  • Get conversational insights

    Learn exactly what customers talk about using an ML-generated report of the most common topics from customer conversations.

Apps & Integrations

All your apps, integrated

  • Over 450 apps for every need

    Use the App Store to find public apps that integrate seamlessly with the messenger, in conversations, inside the inbox, or behind the scenes.

  • Build on Intercom

    Build precisely what you need with flexible APIs & Webhooks, and leverage the developer hub for comprehensive documentation, quick-start guides and Intercom community.

  • Low-code and custom integrations

    Use Workflows to build flexible integrations without hassling your engineers, or use the canvas kit for custom integrations that bring your organization into Intercom’s UI.


Automations that increase efficiency

  • All your tasks, automated

    Automate away manual tasks like routing, snoozing, and closing out conversations by using context and triggers from across the platform.

  • Integrated with your customer data

    Use robust APIs to connect customer data like order history and billing information to automate personalized experiences at scale.

  • Connected to apps and integrations

    From Salesforce to Marketo, automate specific actions from the tools you use everyday—with over 450 apps in our app store.


Help your customers help themselves across the platform

  • Answers where they’re needed

    Deliver in-context help by connecting your help center to Fin, your website, mobile app, in-product messages, chat, and more.

  • No-code customization

    Keep your help center on brand and manage multiple help centers from a single workspace with easy-to-use customization tools.

  • Optimize your articles

    Effortlessly add images, videos, call-to-action buttons, and interactive guides to your articles.


Exceptional experiences
wherever your customers are

Handle customer conversations across different channels right from the inbox to deliver a consistent experience that scales.


The best messenger for conversational support

  • Built for modern customers

    Deliver fast answers, better onboarding, and a deeper connection with your content across web, mobile, or in-app.

  • A home for customer conversations

    It's the home of your customer conversations, with dedicated spaces for help center content, news, tickets and tasks.

  • No-code customization

    Make the messenger your own. It’s fast, flexible, and fully configurable to your brand—no code required.


Every channel, one inbox

Conversations from every channel route directly to your inbox for easier prioritization, faster resolutions, and high-quality customer experiences.

✓ Live chat

✓ Email



✓ WhatsApp

✓ Facebook

✓ Instagram

  • Portrait of John Wisnieski of ArcSite

    ”Intercom allowed us to consolidate our tech stack and bring all communication channels into one system. It’s saved our team a ton of time and has provided better visibility.”

    John Wisnieski
    CS Operations Manager
    at ArcSite
  • Portrait of Kamil Rejent of Survicate

    ”Intercom apps save us at least 20% of our time—since 2015 we’ve saved one year of work for each of our support, marketing, and sales teams.”

    Kamil Rejent
    at Survicate