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3 ways Answer Bot saves your support team time

Main illustration: Olenka Malarecka

Answer Bot is a big part of our vision for the future – a world where Messengers, Bots and Apps provide radical efficiencies for your business. At its core, it is designed to save time – especially for support teams.

Cleo, one of our early adopter customers, found that Answer Bot resolved one in five of all of their inbound conversations. Imagine what your team could be doing with all of that extra time… but before you get too distracted, let’s dive into how Answer Bot saves time for your support team.

1. Automatically answer simple questions so your support team can focus on ones that are more complex

With Answer Bot simply doing what it does best – instantly resolving 29% of customers’ most common questions, on average – it naturally saves support teams a lot of time. And because Answer Bot is working 24/7 to automatically answer questions, many inquiries won’t even make it to your teammates, which is a win-win. Your customers get instant, real resolutions and your team gets more time to focus on the more complex conversations.

When your support team is freed up, they can work on the problems that require real problem-solving and a deeper understanding of the business, instead of simpler and recurring queries like how can people reset their passwords.

“Aside from the hours every week we save using Answer Bot, we’ve also seen a boost in our support team’s morale and productivity. Instead of answering repetitive, mundane questions, we can now spend more time helping our customers get more value from our product acting more as the advanced product experts they are.”
– Matt Smith, Founder and COO of Later

2. Get ahead of timely events with answers that are ready when you need them

One of the most exciting parts about our own Answer Bot product launch was the ability to use Answer Bot to share our news. In other words, Intercom used Answer Bot to teach customers about Answer Bot – very meta! While this is not exactly how you would typically plan to use Answer Bot, the concept is relevant.

Though Answer Bot is best at answering your most common questions, it can be used to answer timely questions centered around key events or specific situations such as holiday sales, system outages, upcoming events or product launches as well.

For example, if you typically experience a surge in delivery orders over the holidays, you can set an Answer live in advance that responds to delivery order inquiries with an extra line that says something like, “Please order at least 3 weeks out as deliveries may be delayed through the holiday season.” Even though for these timely situations you may not have significant conversation history from which Answer Bot can learn, it’s easy to set up in just a few minutes.

3. Fully resolve more conversations with apps in answers

One of the things that makes Answer Bot truly unique is its connection to the Intercom App Store. The ability to include apps in answers enables Answer Bot to fully resolve issues that are unique to specific customers, not just general inquiries.

Take a question such as, “What’s my order status?” for example. Traditionally when a customer writes in with this question, a teammate manually looks up the specific order and sends them a link to their unique tracking information, requiring several steps and time away from the support team.

But with Answer Bot and the Shopify app, for example, customers can check the status of their order without even having to wait for a teammate. Answer Bot can respond instantly with the app inside its answer so the customer can click to view their specific order details, saving time for both your team and your customer.

By fully resolving more conversations your team will be able to answer fewer conversations overall and open up more time to solve complex customer problems or produce documentation to continue helping customers self-serve.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Answer Bot to give your support team back time in their day. And even though it saves time, Answer Bot allows you to be even more personal at a much larger scale. Including elements like apps in answers provides a level of support that until now, your customers may have only expected to receive from a human.

Get started with Answer Bot right here and see how bots and automation can benefit your business.