Announcing our fourth office – London

Main illustration: Dr. Me

Intercom is growing at a phenomenal rate. We’re on a mission to make internet business personal, to disrupt the clunky, frustrating, inhuman ways businesses talk to their customers.

Until now, all our product has been designed and engineered in Dublin, but to keep pace with our ambition and the opportunity ahead of us, we’re expanding our R&D to London. We are hiring immediately for engineering managers, product engineers, and product designers who will join an initial landing team that will bootstrap this new office. When it opens this autumn it will be the fourth Intercom office globally, alongside Dublin, San Francisco and Chicago.

The decision to choose London was easy.

  1. It puts us close to our customers. London holds our largest concentration of customers in Europe, and the second largest overall globally.
  2. There’s a rich pool of talented people in London, or people who are excited to relocate there. In contrast to Dublin, big companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google have firmly established their London offices as places where first class product development takes place. And like Dublin, there’s a growing pool of promising and growing startups, a breeding ground for talented product and technology builders we want to work with.
  3. London is close to Dublin. We share the same timezone, the same language, a similar culture, all within an easy plane ride. This means our product teams can stay connected, in stark contrast to where many companies often end up, with European R&D offices as satellites to headquarters in distant time zones. If you’ve ever been stuck on a conference call at 11:30 at night you’ll know what I’m talking about ?

Similar to how Intercom R&D started in Dublin (owning what was then our single product and growing rapidly from there) our London office will start by owning one of our products with the aim of similar growth over the years ahead. Our new office will be based around our youngest, fastest growing product, Articles. Articles is our knowledge base product, on a mission to rethink self-service customer support. It’s very tightly integrated into our Messenger and Respond products, and we’ve started using Machine Learning to automatically provide people with the help they need.

This is a rare, unique, and wonderful opportunity to put your own mark on a company with a very strong approach to building product. You’ll be part of shaping the early success of that office and the products they own, and will be perfectly placed to grab onto further opportunities for growth and impact. Like most things at Intercom, it will start small, but we fully expect the London office will take on bigger and different roles as it grows.

We are hiring immediately for engineering managers, product engineers and product designers. Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. ?