Announcing the second edition of ‘Intercom on Onboarding’

Main illustration: Lily Wang

Since we first published Intercom on Onboarding back in 2016, awareness about the critical importance of excellent user onboarding has grown considerably.

With the relentless rise of SaaS in particular, the need to help users find value and discover their “aha” moment is more important than ever. The one-off transaction has been superseded by an ongoing relationship, and excellent user onboarding is central to the success of that relationship.

“Onboarding is the one truly universal problem every piece of software has”

And yet, all too often the quality of our onboarding experiences don’t match up to the quality of our core products. That’s despite the unavoidable reality that onboarding is the one truly universal problem every piece of software has.

Since we released the first edition of this book, we’ve launched an entire new product in the space, Product Tours, so as you’d guess, our perspective on the topic has matured quite a bit.

Capturing our latest thinking

This edition of Intercom on Onboarding captures our latest thinking, reflecting everything we’ve learned from onboarding tens of thousands of our own customers, as well as building a tool to help other companies onboard their own users.

Intercom on Onboarding - book pages

Written by a collection of Intercom experts and with a foreword and contribution from onboarding guru Samuel Hulick, the refreshed book features seven new chapters alongside revised material from the first edition. Now you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the low-hanging fruit in onboarding.
  • How to make a great first impression.
  • A framework for creating your onboarding strategy.
  • How to design your onboarding flow and narrative.
  • The differences between onboarding individuals and teams.
  • How to show users continuous value, so they stick around for the long-term.

As with our previous books you can read it on almost any device – it’s available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF. Head this way to grab your free copy and find out all you need to make your onboarding experience as good as your product. Enjoy!