A shoutout to customers supporting the community during COVID-19

Standing together: How Intercom customers are providing relief during COVID-19

Main illustration: Camilla Zaza

In the midst of the global crisis, we’ve been inspired by how so many companies have stepped in to help.

We’re fortunate to work with a broad range of customers, many of whom have put their products and platforms to use to fight against COVID-19. From empowering teachers who need to move their classrooms online to providing free, safe transportation to healthcare workers to helping doctors remotely monitor their patients’ systems, these companies are doing amazing things.

To provide some positivity amidst the chaos, today we’d like to share the incredible work we’re hearing about.

E-learning companies are helping schools streamline virtual learning

Schools have closed across the globe to keep both students and teachers safe and healthy – which has required a swift transition to remote education. These companies have helped teachers lead productive and accessible remote classrooms so that their students can still get the best education possible.

  • Showbie is an online platform that allows teachers and students to collaborate on and store assignments and grades. The company has granted free licenses to more than 2500 schools in North America to support their move to distance learning as a result of COVID-19.
  • In the UK, The EverLearner has made its exam-prep learning platform free to all schools and teachers for the next few months. It is now used in over 30% of all UK schools.

  • Recognizing that many schools did not have time to prepare for remote learning, Albert.io is offering hundreds of schools free access to their one-on-one learning companion and a vast bank of practice questions.

Healthcare platforms are stepping up to assist patients and medical professionals

Many medical offices and hospitals are extremely crowded due to COVID-19. These companies are providing alternative access to care for patients and resources for doctors, like a chatbot that helps patients self-assess symptoms or video conferencing solutions for sick patients.

  • In order to help as many medical facilities as possible during this time, digital assistant for doctors Suki is now free for urgent care, hospitals, critical care centers, and more. Their software even comes pre-loaded with the information doctors need on COVID-19.
  • Therapy Brands provides tools and systems to help mental and behavioral health providers manage their practice. They’ve experienced a 4300% increase in telehealth since the onset of COVID-19, and with the help of Articles, Resolution Bot, and saved replies, have stepped forward to assist during this global time of both physical and emotional crisis.
  • French telehealth practice Qare is offering patients the ability to see a doctor over video calls for free. They are also offering doctors free use of its platform and free teleconsultation training.
  • Healthcare company Solv built a Custom Bot for MultiCare.org to help people self-assess their symptoms and book same-day doctor’s appointments. They are now rolling out the bot to 50 hospitals and healthcare systems in the U.S.

  • Healthcare startup Lifen is supporting medical staff in France who are monitoring patients’ symptoms remotely on their platform.
  • LetsGetChecked has developed a two-part COVID-19 test that will give patients an immediate diagnosis while they wait for more complete lab tests.
  • accuRx provides communication tools for healthcare professionals and their patients. To help UK patients safely get care during the COVID-19 pandemic, they launched video consultations.

More organizations are doing their part to help people affected

In light of recent events, many others have thought of creative ways to help. From a place to find credible news to access to free cars to drive, these companies are also making a big difference.

  • Hiyacar is a peer-to-peer ridesharing service that provides affordable by-the-hour rental options from local car owners in your area. In the areas of London and Brighton, Hiyacar has made its service free to National Health Service (NHS) workers and other key individuals on the front lines. Their goal is to assist those who normally take the train or tube to work to keep them healthy and safe.
  • Founded by Deray Mckesson and others, WhileAtHome.org gives people a single place to find credible information during this time, such as food shelters, medical testing, volunteer opportunities, and more.

  • A company dedicated to making construction more efficient, LetsBuild helped a new hospital in Belgium open early.
  • GetCalFresh.org, a service run by Code for America, helps low-income families in California apply for food stamps. With the help of our Resolution Bot, they’ve been able to handle a surge in applications from around 1,500 to over 6,000 per day.
  • Tully, a digital debt advisor, are helping people in the UK get access to payment relief from their lenders and service providers if they’ve been financially impacted by COVID-19.
  • EndPandemics.Earth, a global alliance of organizations that has launched a coordinated campaign to address the root cause of all zoonotic outbreaks, has been working with government bodies in the US, the Philippines, and Thailand in an effort to protect nature and prevent future pandemics. With the help of Articles, they were able to set up an Alliance Support help center to enable donors and new participants to find information about the alliance.

We will continue to update this list with more stories from our customers. If your company is helping to fight COVID-19, see how we can support you. And if you’d like to share your story, send us a note through the Messenger or email us at content@intercom.com.