Our first audiobook: Intercom on Product Management

“At Intercom, we believe building a great product should be the first focus of every startup.”

This was the opening line to our very first book, Intercom on Product Management, and in a time where every startup wants to label itself a product-first company, it remains just as true today.

A whole new way to consume our books

In the 2.5 years since publishing that book, we’ve iterated quite a bit on our long-form content. We’ve grown our library to cover topics like onboarding and Jobs-to-be-Done, we’ve enhanced our visual brand (most recently seen with Intercom on Customer Engagement) and even entered the world of print with Intercom on Starting Up. The experience of shipping each of those titles brings us back to our initial publication, which is now available as our first audiobook.

Cut down into 9 shorter chapters, this collection pulls from the lessons we’ve learned building Intercom and packages our guidance on the toughest tasks you’ll face as a product manager. You’ll discover:

  • how to evaluate your current product and spot areas for improvement
  • why “no” is the most important word in a product manager’s vocabulary
  • and how to roll out new features and actually get them used by customers

Just as the stories and advice on our blog and written books are shared by the actual team members who build, market and support Intercom, each chapter is narrated by actual “Intercomrades” who live and breathe these product principles. You won’t hear any generic, impersonal voice-over artists.

Lest we forget about written content, our brand design team has given the book a full visual refresh, which includes original illustrations and enhanced imagery throughout.

Give the book a listen below, or download it as a series anywhere you currently subscribe to the Inside Intercom podcast. That includes iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher, SoundCloud and more.

Shipping to learn

Similar to our approach for shipping product, publishing this first audiobook is the beginning of a longer process. We want to get this audiobook into the hands of you, our readers and listeners, and learn what kind of listening experience works best for you before recording the rest of our library. Feel free to drop me a note at adam.risman@intercom.com and let me know what you think ?