Our new book: Intercom on Product Management

We’ve published a lot of articles on product management over the past two years. Rather than leave them in our archives, we’ve updated them, expanded upon them, and consolidated them into our first book. We think you’ll like it.

Our best content has always come from sharing our experiences and grounded opinions. Whether that’s on fundraising, pricing, process, design, or in this case, product management. So much of the advice on product management is abstract, formulaic, and clichéd. It offers little value when you’re stuck in the trenches. So we’ve worked hard to consolidate our best thoughts and ideas on product management (thus far) into a cohesive whole that anyone who works with product will benefit from.

We’ve been asked countless times to produce something like this, not a book so much as a guided and curated walkthrough of our most useful, practical, learnings. There is new content to bridge gaps, and there is updated content to remove repetition and clarify concepts. Even regular readers will benefit from this publication.

Ebooks are typically a crude PDF merge of a lot of text with no consideration given to design, layout, length, reading experience, or reader flow. We’d never do that, we optimised for the reader’s experience. After all, a book’s value is measured in impact, not its length or breadth. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure people will enjoy reading this on any device, and we hope it shows. There was a team of people involved but special credit to Frantisek Kusovsky and Jeff Kriege for their tireless work on the book design, formats (epub, mobi, PDF), visuals, and layout.

Enough talk. Get Intercom on Product Management here. It’s free, but to maximize its impact we’d love you to share with others you think will benefit from it. That’s all we ask.

Often times publications like this signal the end of a chapter or a change in content strategy. Not this time – we’re still writing. In fact we think there’ll probably be more books – we’re just waiting to see how this one goes down – so please help spread the word.

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