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The Death and Rebirth of Customer Experience

Karl arrives late into work. There’s no starting time or closing time, his store is always open.

Like Rick, Karl sells CDs, but that is where the similarities end. Karl runs a website, and his first task every day is to run a sales query. Eleven sales so far this morning, and a total of 183 yesterday. Not bad going, but way down from last summer. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords, landing page optimisations, that’s what Karl does next. Then he has his lunch.

If you asked Karl who his best customers were, he’d run a database query. If you ask him who had the weirdest taste in music, he’d run a more complicated database query. If you asked him to introduce him to a customer, he’d be stuck. Karl can recite conversion figures, click-throughs, costs per acquisition and average order size, but he has no idea who buys his CDs; to him they’re all just rows in a database.

Continue reading this article over at .net magazine. Sidenote: If the above graphic is familiar, maybe it’s time for something better.