Announcing our new, customizable Inbox – now with apps

Today, we’re announcing our reimagined Intercom Inbox, which you can customize with apps to work exactly the way you want to.

As a support or sales rep, you’re expected to respond to customers fast, resolving issues or converting leads as quickly as possible without losing that personal touch.

But because you use a variety of tools, you waste time switching between them to hunt for information, complete workflows, or copy and paste data. This can often mean your work feels chaotic and overwhelming, making it hard to keep up.

Our new Inbox helps you stay on top of everything by bringing all of the information and tools you need into one place. We and our partners have today released 19 apps for your inbox – this initial range of apps give you the right context alongside every conversation, allow you to sync data across your tech stack and enable you to trigger actions in external tools with just one click.

Plus, we’ve built new ways to view your Intercom data inside your inbox. For example, you can now see all of the pages your lead or customer has recently visited on your site, right next to your conversation.

Pick the tools and data that are most important to you and organize them in the order you want. Now that’s an inbox built for you.

Want to get started? Here are some of our favorite ways to use apps in your inbox:

Address payment questions and upgrade subscriptions without leaving your inbox using the Stripe app

When a customer asks a question about their subscription or recent payments, you don’t want to waste time switching back and forth between your conversation and billing tool, especially if your customer is interested in upgrading their subscription.

With the Stripe app, you can see your customer’s billing details – including their current plan, account balance and recent payments – right next to your conversation. They want to know why a recent payment failed? No problem. You can see the reason for the failed payment in one click. They want to upgrade their subscription? Great! You press a button to send them a new subscription via your conversation. They click confirm and their plan automatically updates in your inbox view and in your Stripe account.

Since that took you hardly any time at all, you can now spend a few extra seconds making sure your customer gets the most out of their new subscription. Use the Article Inserter app to send them a help doc to get them up and running with their new features, share an upcoming webinar with the Zoom Webinars app, or send a relevant blog post with the Content Showcase app.

Note: If you’re using a different payments tool, you can check out our other payments apps, like ChargeDesk, or use our Quick Links app to dynamically link to your customer’s account page, even if you’re using a custom internal billing system.

Engage your best leads faster with the MadKudu Lead Scoring and Salesforce apps

When a visitor to your website responds to your bot or message, you don’t want to leave them hanging, especially if they’re a great lead. But qualification data often doesn’t give you enough information to know how valuable your lead is, and asking your lead for additional detail (or researching them on your own) takes time.

With the MadKudu Lead Scoring app, you can automatically see the quality of the lead when you open the conversation because their lead score – and the signals that indicate why they’re a good or bad lead—are listed next to the conversation.

Plus, with the Salesforce app, you can create the lead in Salesforce with one click. Or, if the lead exists already, you can see their account, opportunity and contact details – all without opening a new tab. This means you can respond to your lead in seconds with the benefit of having all of the context right in front of you.Salesforce App Intercom InboxHaving identified them as a promising lead and responded quickly with the right information, you can now focus on what’s most important, getting them on a demo or sales call ASAP. Scheduling apps like Calendly and Google Calendar make it easy for your lead to book time with you, right inside your conversation. Or, you can hop on a call right away with Google Meet, Aircall Now or one of our other video or phone call apps. Your pipeline has never been smoother.

Note: You can also complete similar CRM workflows with the Trello app.

Report bugs in a flash with the Jira Cloud app

When a customer messages you  about a bug, your next steps are figuring out if it’s a known issue, whether the customer has previously faced the issue, what the current status of the issue is, etc. This can mean precious minutes spent searching through your issue management tool and past conversations, or even asking the customer.

With the Jira Cloud app, you automatically see any issues associated with a conversation – and the status of those issues – right beside the conversation. If the issue is new to the customer, you can search issues from inside your inbox and link the conversation to the relevant issue. Or, if it’s a completely new issue, you can create one in Jira from your inbox, too. It’s as easy as that. Plus, once the issue is resolved, you receive a note in the conversation reminding you to follow up with your customer.

Jira Intercom Inbox app

Want to streamline your conversation even more? Use Similar Conversations to quickly view other conversations that might indicate if this is a resolvable issue or a known bug. If you need to dig deeper into the issue with your customer, enable a screensharing app like Upscope so that the customer can show you exactly what’s happening. Even better, preempt questions about known issues by using Statuspage on your Messenger home screen.

Log feature requests faster with the Userfeed app

When a customer messages you about a feature request, you want to make sure you capture enough detail about the request without pestering your customer with a ton of questions, especially if this isn’t the first time they’ve made the request. Good luck doing so while switching back and forth between your conversation and your feedback tool.

Enter the Userfeed app. Userfeed is built exclusively on Intercom and enables you to seamlessly capture, manage and close the loop on product feedback. When you open a conversation, you see all of the feedback submitted by the customer right there in your inbox, as well as the details and status of the feedback. If this is the first time the customer has made this request, you can search your existing requests and link the conversation to one of those, or create a new request—all from your inbox.

Once you’ve shipped a feature, you’ll receive a note in related conversations so you can tell the customers who requested the feature all about the good news. Since each request corresponds with a tag in Intercom, you can also view and message segments of users based on their feedback to close the loop.Intercom Userfeed app for InboxIf you or your engineering team needs more context on the request, you can refer to the related conversations linked to the feedback, send follow-up messages in Userfeed or hop on a call with the Google Meet app.

Plus, with feedback-based segments, you can book interviews with any of our scheduling apps. Additionally, you can add Userfeed to your Messenger home screen, so that customers can search and share feedback directly and stay updated on the features you’re working on.

You can find these apps and many more in the Intercom App Store and we have more coming. Furthermore, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can always build your own. Our brand-new Canvas Kit makes it easier than ever to build directly into the Inbox with pre-designed and pre-built components. Now, you can create an inbox that works for you.