WhatsApp integration

Announcing our new WhatsApp integration – support your customers on the world’s most popular messaging service

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now upgrade your support with WhatsApp. We’ve partnered with WhatsApp to provide a simple, hassle-free integration within Intercom – the easiest way to add a much-loved channel to your company’s support experience.

Customer expectations for support are constantly increasing. Customers want fast, personalized and effective support when and where they need it. When it comes to personalized support, WhatsApp is a no-brainer.

“Today, we’re announcing a simple way to integrate one of the world’s most popular communications platforms”

There are now 2.5 billion people using WhatsApp across the world. It’s already the most popular messaging service in more than 100 countries, and it’s growing fast. So it’s no surprise that more and more companies are adding WhatsApp to their support offering.

But adding more support channels can be challenging. Today, we’re announcing a simple way to integrate one of the world’s most popular communications platforms with your support offering.

Eager to get started? You can find WhatsApp in our App Store.

Solving omnichannel support problems

Omnichannel support requires consistent customer experiences across multiple channels, with a single, connected system for managing these interactions. But adding more support channels often brings more layers of complexity for your team.

“We’ve removed the complexity – our WhatsApp integration seamlessly introduces one of your customers’ best-loved platforms”

New channels often require new tools to manage them, which means your team needs to spend valuable time learning how to use these tools and incorporating them into team processes (or creating new ones). It takes more time than your support team has to spare, and can be difficult to ensure internal alignment on best practices.

We’ve removed the complexity – our WhatsApp integration seamlessly introduces one of your customers’ best-loved platforms with minimal setup or change required from your support team.

As Gill Fisher, Head of Customer Experience & Delivery at SMARTY, says “What I love about Intercom is that it completely aligns with our brand value of being simple… Our advisors shouldn’t even have to think about the platform they’re using, they should just have to focus on creating great experiences for our customers.”

How will it impact your support offering?

It’s easier than ever for your customers to reach you

The WhatsApp integration makes it more convenient than ever for customers to contact your support team. It’s a great way to help your customers right where they are, at a time that suits them best.

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You can publish your WhatsApp number on your company channels, create links to embed on your website or emails, and generate QR codes for physical packaging or flyers to enable your customers to start conversations with your business directly on WhatsApp.

Reply directly from the Intercom Inbox

WhatsApp messages come directly to the inbox your team uses to help your customers every day. We’ve updated the core inbox efficiency tools – rules, SLAs and macros – to work with WhatsApp conversations so your team can shorten queues, assign conversations, and escalate queries, exactly how you usually would. One tool to manage your entire support offering.

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Provide support no matter where your customers are

It’s easier than ever for your customers to access support on the go. They can reach you directly from WhatsApp, or seamlessly move the conversation from the Messenger to WhatsApp whenever it suits them.

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Not only is this a great customer experience, it’s a hidden superpower for your team because it introduces WhatsApp conversations without any process changes. Since conversations start in the Messenger, all your existing automation, rules, and inboxes will continue to work as normal.

If your customer decides to move the conversation to WhatsApp, your team’s replies will go to WhatsApp with no changes needed. It’s an elegant way to get started with one of the world’s most popular messaging services.

See how WhatsApp measures up to your other channels

WhatsApp fits easily into your reporting processes within Intercom. Compare it against your other support channels and monitor your customers’ satisfaction with your upgraded support offering.

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Which channel is carrying the highest conversation volume? Which has the slowest response time? Where is customer satisfaction highest? Intercom’s reporting will allow you to optimize your omnichannel support with invaluable customer insights.

How does it work?

Create or migrate a WhatsApp business account in minutes, and with a simple integration (literally the click of a button), you can manage your WhatsApp conversations right from your Intercom Inbox.

For your customers, it means a seamless support experience on a platform they’re already familiar with. Customers can even start a chat on the Intercom Messenger, then scan a QR code to continue the conversation on WhatsApp.

“You can keep everything – conversations, reports, automation rules – in one place”

For your support team, nothing changes! You can keep everything – conversations, reports, automation rules – in one place. That can make a huge difference for support teams. Intercom customers Edgard & Cooper are already seeing a huge impact: “The WhatsApp integration is fantastic! Our customers find it convenient, and so does our team.”

Interested in adding WhatsApp to your support offering? Learn more about how Intercom’s WhatsApp integration can supercharge your human support offering.