How GetAccept uses all of Intercom to grow its revenue by 450%

Main illustration: Intercom Brand Studio

Gone are the days of sales deals being closed with a handshake in a face-to-face meeting.

Nowadays, digital solutions like CRMs have made it easier for sales teams to manage their pipelines online but that doesn’t always result in the best experience for the end buyer.

This rapid shift to the world of online sales has created an engagement gap between sales reps and buyers for many companies, resulting in an estimated 60 percent of all contracts being lost to indecision or simply going unanswered.

Enter GetAccept, the all-in-one platform for B2B sales teams that brings video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking, and e-signatures together to help sales teams track deal progress and stay connected with prospects throughout the entire buying process. GetAccept integrates into a company’s sales pipeline through partnerships with top CRM and sales automation platforms, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and others.

With Intercom acting as the central solution for their customer communications, GetAccept has been able to grow revenue by 450% in the last year alone, serving more than 25,000 users in over 2,000 enterprise companies worldwide.

A centralized solution

To keep track of their own customers, GetAccept uses Intercom across its support, sales, and marketing teams.

Dailius Wilson, VP of Sales & Growth Marketing, loves that Intercom provides a central source of truth for all of their teams:

“In SaaS you want all relevant and historical data to be automatically aggregated in one source. For us, that solution is Intercom. After trialling some other solutions, we chose Intercom because it centralizes inbound and outbound conversations without the friction that CRMs add.”

Personalized support at every stage

GetAccept first began using Intercom for in-app support so they could ensure queries from customers and prospects were being seen and answered. After implementing Intercom, conversations grew 10x and continue to grow.

Using a combination of self-service features, like our Article search app, tags, assignment rules and routing, GetAccept keeps its large inbound conversation volume manageable, ensuring the right conversations are always routed to the right team members.

For example, the support team tags premium customers so that conversations from those customers route directly to GetAccept’s VIP inbox for priority support. Intercom’s mentions feature lets them easily collaborate with engineering or sales teammates to solve customer issues.

Lead generation

Soon after noticing the effectiveness of Intercom as a support solution for building better relationships with their customers, and in-turn, their customers’ customers, GetAccept brought its sales and marketing teams into the fold, making Intercom available sitewide so they could be proactive instead of solely reactive.

“We saw an 8% boost in inbound lead requests after installing Intercom on our pricing page”

GetAccept now uses features like Visitor Auto Messages and our Qualify leads task bot so its sales team can automatically generate pipeline on high intent pages like the pricing page.


Speaking about the expansion, Dailius told us: “After we installed Intercom on our pricing page, we saw an 8% boost in inbound lead requests.”

Driving ABM with Intercom

To convert those leads, GetAccept uses Intercom’s account-based marketing features to turn high potential prospects into customers. Once leads are identified and matched, the marketing team uses the account owner attribute in Intercom to ensure all future nurture campaign messages are sent from the appropriate account owner (all replies get routed to them as well). This ensures that throughout the entire buying experience, the prospect is receiving personalized messages from the same sales rep.

An intricate tagging system allows GetAccept to further enrich user profiles and enhance their marketing efforts. Users are segmented based on their level of engagement, sign-up source, and geographic location. Using these tags, the marketing team is able to deeply segment the target audience to deliver a more personalized message.

“We have seen in-app messages convert 8x higher than the same messages sent by email”

In particular, in-app messages have been successful for sending flash sales coupons and in generating customer reviews across sites like G2Crowd, TrustRadius, and Capterra.

Speaking about the system, Dailius said: “Overall we have seen in-app messages convert 8x higher than the same messages sent by email. Additionally, customers seem to appreciate that the notes come from a sales/customer success person they have a prior relationship with.”

Going for growth

Since its inception in Sweden just over three years ago, GetAccept has grown exponentially, consistently doubling its sales each year with 2020 being no exception.

In 2019, GetAccept was listed as the 4th fastest growing SaaS company in the world, according to SaaS Mag.

To further strengthen its position in the global market of fast-growing SaaS companies, GetAccept recently welcomed former Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce CMO Bill Macaitis as the newest member of its board.

Speaking about the company’s growth, Dailius said: “Intercom has proven to be integral to our success at GetAccept and ranks in our top three must-have components for our current technology stack. The platform has successfully scaled from a handful of staff in our San Francisco office a few years ago to functioning 24/7 across five countries today.”

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