Meet Intercom Community – Intercom’s customer community forum

At Intercom, building relationships has always been at the heart of what we do.

We’re on a mission to make internet business personal, helping you support and engage with your customers through the Intercom Messenger. This belief in the power of conversation runs deep here, and underpins so much of how we build Intercom and how we support our customers.

With that in mind, we wanted to find a way for you, our customers, to build relationships with one another – to create a platform where sales, marketing, product, and support teams could come together, share their expertise, learn from other industry experts, and maximize the potential Intercom has to offer. Not only that, we also wanted to give our customers behind-the-scenes insight into how we work at Intercom, to see first-hand how we build the product and use features ourselves.

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of Intercom Community – our customer community forum.

A place for peer-to-peer conversations

Our customers bring an incredible amount of expertise and creativity to the Intercom platform – whether it’s designing Custom Bot flows and Product Tours that grab attention and boost engagement, or building out-of-the-box custom apps for just about anything.

“Intercom Community was built to empower customers to support one another with their wealth of product knowledge and insight”

Intercom Community is a platform that was built not only to celebrate this great work, but empower customers to support one another with their wealth of product knowledge and insight. Outside of offering support, community members can join group discussions relevant to their industry, check out what’s new in Intercom, chat to teammates from across the company, and be among the first to gain access to resources like our books, guides, and webinars.

Discovering Intercom Community

Within Intercom Community, there are four main areas for you to discover:

Interconnected four main areas

  1. Q&A: Where you can search for answers and ask questions related to specific features within the Intercom product.

    An example of a product-specific Q&A

    An example of a product-specific question and answer in Intercom Community

  2. Groups: A great place to start conversations, swap ideas, and discuss your experience using Intercom in your particular role or industry. If you find that the group you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet, you can start your own.

    List of Interconnected Groups

    Some of the groups already established in Intercom Community

  3. News & updates: Join the news channel and subscribe to receive daily or weekly updates about new Intercom products and features. You’ll also be able to chat to folks from the teams that built them and get an insight into how specific updates came to life.

    An Intercom teammate answering a question in the forum

    An Intercom teammate giving a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re using a feature internally

  4. Other resources: Easily access our curated feed of articles, books, podcasts, and webinars full of rich industry insights. Learn everything from how to scale your support team without blowing the budget to how you can leverage automated support to provide efficient customer support at scale – without losing that personal touch.

    Intercom resources page

    A curated feed of Intercom resources

Celebrating success

When you first join Intercom Community, you’ll be a “Curious” Connector, which is the first membership level. As you start to interact with the community, answer questions, and jump into conversations, you’ll be awarded what are called “community points”. Collecting these points will enable you to progress through the membership levels and become “Confident,” and then “Connected,” unlocking rewards like 1:1 sessions with the Intercom team and exclusive swag along the way.

“At Intercom we have a culture of celebrating great work”

At Intercom we have a culture of celebrating great work, and Intercom Community will be no different. You’ll find our most active members fighting for pole position on the “Top Connectors” leaderboard in the community, and we’ll also be regularly recognizing engaged members through our “Connector Spotlight”. These areas within Intercom Community are a great way to find experts to connect with – and who knows, you might even see your own name on the list one day.

Top Connectors and Connector Spotlight

Building a community for you – with you

Our vision for the Intercom Community is that our members will be the driving force behind it, engaging in meaningful conversations with us, and each other, as it continues to grow. And from listening closely to our customers, this idea of community-led support is something they also share. We’re so excited to see our customers build relationships with one another in Intercom Community, and the opportunities for growth that will grow out of those relationships. We can’t wait to see this community flourish – you can join here today to become part of Intercom Community.