Welcoming our new President, Archana Agrawal

Announcing the arrival of a new senior leader to build out our GTM strategy.

Two facts, shared in vulnerability and honesty:

  1.  Intercom spikes very high on innovation. For over a decade we’ve consistently led the industries and reinvented the categories that we’ve played in.
  2.  In recent years, some of our go-to-market efforts have not quite matched that excellence. They’ve helped create a business of great value, but I think we lost our way a little. At times we took an approach that often didn’t match our customer-first values—we’d force customers down sales paths and through unwieldy pricing, and were less flexible and considerate than our customers deserve.

When I returned as CEO a little over a year ago, I started Intercom 2 – a plan for Intercom’s next decade. The company was in need of new energy, new ambition, new magic, and a return to our roots and values. We just had an incredible first year, rebuilding Intercom from the inside out. We’ll start to share that with the world very soon. But our big year was capped by our greatest effort yet to change fact number two: we hired a President.

“Archana is deeply aligned with our philosophies for how modern software customers want to buy modern software”

This role will own Sales, Marketing, Success, and Support. And most importantly, this person will be in charge of rebuilding our entire commercial approach to make sure that every single prospect and customer knows – by our actions – our care and appreciation for them, and our desire to truly partner with them for our mutual benefit.

I’m extremely excited today to announce that this new President is Archana Agrawal. Archana’s experience is broad and deep. She was a core marketing leader at the software company that arguably pioneered customer-first commercial experiences, Atlassian, and most recently CMO at one of the fastest growing software companies of our time, Airtable. She’s also a board member of software companies who’ve achieved milestones of success that few of our generation have, like MongoDB, and previously served on Zendesk’s board, too. And she’s deeply aligned with our philosophies for how modern software customers want to buy modern software.

If in the future for fact number two I’m able to say: “Intercom has set the standard for excellence in customer-first experiences in software,” it will be because of her.

No pressure, Archana. Welcome!