What is Marketing Automation Software?

Scale your marketing efforts without adding headcount. Marketing automation is technology that turns new sign-ups into active customers by sending them the perfect series of personalized emails, in-app messages and push notifications on your team's behalf. With Intercom’s marketing automation features, you can finally send the right message, to the right people, at the right time, to drive the most value for both your customers and your business.

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Percentage of companies that say marketing automation helps them increase their leads


Average cost savings per lead acquired at companies excelling at marketing automation

70% higher

Intercom customers’ 4-week user retention compared to the industry average

Why businesses need marketing automation software

Every high-growth business reaches a point where it needs to scale leads and revenue – without additional headcount. Marketing automation software helps you extend your marketing team by taking on repeatable tasks, like scoring leads or customer follow-up.

When integrated with the right customer data, marketing automation technology can power personalized marketing for each one of your customers, on a much larger scale than before. Features like automated campaigns and messages keep prospects nurtured, leads qualified and customers engaged even when your team is offline.

The more qualified leads and engaged customers, the more revenue for your business.

When to invest in marketing automation software

Marketing automation software improves the speed and effectiveness at which your business acquires leads and nurtures customer relationships. Here's what you should look to automate:

  • Outreach to your ideal customers

    If you know exactly the kind of person interested in your business, why they're interested and how you can help them, you can then create automated campaigns that send them tailored messages and content. For example, your Enterprise personas might require a multi-channel drip campaign to convert, while SMB personas might need only an email or two.
  • 1:1 communication with leads

    Automation is the perfect solution for businesses without a dedicated sales team or teams that are struggling to keep up with all the 1-on-1 communication that their customers need.
  • Content delivery across the entire customer journey

    Give your leads and potential customers the exact content they need at each stage of their journey. Whether they are new to your business or are learning about your newest features, you should have content prepared to offer — automatically — at each stage.
  • A well-defined lead nurture program

    Marketing automation software has the best chance of success if you've already created a program for lead nurturing. This might be a demo, smart chatbots, a series of emails or all of these things. No matter what it looks like, you should have a program in place and ready to scale up to all the leads passing through your automated flow.

Keys to a successful marketing automation strategy

Any business can invest in marketing automation, but it needs to be backed up by a solid marketing strategy. Use these tips to create a successful marketing automation strategy:

  • Identify what messages your leads need to see and when

    Send messages that move new leads through your funnel exactly when and where they need them: on your website, in-app, on social media or in emails.
  • Target the entire lifecycle

    Marketing automation should be applied to every part of a customer's journey, from the time a lead discovers your business to the point at which an advocate begins referring you to their friends.
  • Convert leads faster using bots

    AI and intelligent automation, like chatbots for sales or support, can answer questions or direct leads to content — all without your team needing to lift a finger.
  • Personalize with account-based marketing

    Use data you've collected from on-site or in-app interactions to create personalized messages for customer personas based on their company size, location, interactions or most recent activity.

Why you should use Intercom for marketing automation

With so many different marketing automation tools available on the market, learn what makes us stand out:

  • Smart campaigns

    Automate your drip campaigns by displaying targeted messages on your website, in-app or within email. Users learn about your product organically using the medium they like best. Just add your goals, messages and rules; we'll take care of the rest.
  • Custom Bots

    Generate more leads 24/7 with customizable chatbots that engage every lead and never stop qualifying. Pass qualified leads automatically to your sales team while nurturing leads that aren’t ready with links to the right resources, like a newsletter signup or a whitepaper download.
  • Account-based marketing

    Seize interest in the moment by engaging leads with a VIP experience when they come to your site. Greet them with a dynamically generated message from their account owner to increase conversion potential.
  • Powerful integrations

    Traditional marketing automation software sacrifices depth for breadth. We offer more than 100 apps and integrations to help you build a solution that works with the rest of your sales and marketing tools.

"Intercom plays a critical role across our entire customer lifecycle, engaging our global customer base through email and in-app campaigns. From onboarding to feature discovery, retention, and upsell, we've sent over 2.2 million messages to our users in just one month. In fact, we're seeing a 29% lift in our users' first month activation rate since we started using Intercom."

Nicolas Gilbert

Head of Customer Success at LANDR