Built For You series of product announcements

Built for you: Next-generation surveys, ditching hold times with Switch, and more

March was a big month at Intercom. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations returned, more and more of our teams were able to work from the office, and we hosted our first ever global virtual event, New at Intercom – bringing together our leaders and customers under one virtual roof.

They shared industry trends, customer insights, and revealed some game-changing products that will transform your business. If you joined us, you may already have some idea of what’s in store on Built For You this month (if not, why not catch up on our event highlights?). As well as these cutting-edge products, we’ve also launched some additional features and updates we’re excited to share with you today. So sit back, relax, and let us show you our latest releases.

Surveys – don’t just ask customers opinions, act on them.

With Intercom Surveys, businesses can capture and act on customer feedback all within Intercom. Automatically turn insights into action with responsive workflows that tailor onboarding, enrich customer profiles, inform nurture campaigns, and more. Save survey replies and use the data to trigger campaigns, drive engagement, and optimize response rates. If that sounds like just the product missing from your tech stack, head over to our latest blog post where you can find out even more.

Ditch long hold times with Intercom Switch

Intercom Switch allows your customers to embrace the future of support – empowering them to seamlessly transition from phone to messaging. Upgrade your customer experience and save their time, while giving your team the tools they need to handle higher support volumes. Use Switch with any phone provider and customize with any languages you have set up to support your customers. Looking to learn more? We’ve got you covered right here.

Elevate your designs with multicolumn email layouts

You can now enjoy the increased flexibility and simplicity of designing emails with our new multicolumn email layouts and editor improvements. Plus, you can easily preview your email on web and mobile, and manage edits with a new undo/redo button. Learn more about this simplified customization here.

Last month, we also turned our attention towards expanding access to our platform and making content management that little bit easier…

Ukrainian language support

Businesses can now add Ukrainian as a language in customer-facing experiences, including the Messenger, Articles, and Resolution Bot, making it easier to communicate with people in the Ukraine. You can learn more about how we’re supporting our customers and aid organizations in Ukraine here.

Tag Articles for easier content management

Teammates can now tag an Article in Intercom to help them organize their content. Filter all Articles by tags and search for specific Article types in the full tag view in Intercom. This makes finding Articles a breeze! For example, your team might want to change a granular aspect of a topic like pricing. In this case, you can create a tag called “basic package” and quickly search for the Articles you need. Tagging helps your team better manage your content as you scale.

What an incredible month March was – New at Intercom gave us the chance to demonstrate our major new products, and we’re so excited to see how these new features will help businesses take engagement to the next level.

Whether you missed it or need a recap, we have the event wrapped up for you right here. See you next month for more exciting updates! 👋