Built For You series of product announcements

Built for you: Two-way SMS, a next-generation Inbox, smarter bots, and more

We started off the summer with a bang – hosting the Summer 2022 edition of New at Intercom and announcing three huge new product releases: SMS, the next-generation Inbox, and Custom Actions and Custom Objects in bots.

If you joined us for New at Intercom last month, you may already have some idea of what’s in store on Built For You this month, (but if not, you can watch it on-demand here). In addition to the exciting new products and features mentioned above, we’ve also launched some additional updates we’re excited to share with you. Let’s dive in.

Connect, engage, and activate with two-way SMS

Increase engagement and encourage action with two-way SMS that connects you to your customers anytime, anywhere. Drive immediate engagement by allowing your customers to take action while you have their full attention. This two-way SMS solution means customers can ask questions and give feedback in the most convenient way, at the most convenient time. Offering your customers a direct line to your business allows them to feel heard, and you can stop missing crucial engagement opportunities. Discover what you can do with 2-way SMS, including sending promotional messages, re-engaging your customers, and much more over at our help center.

The fastest, most powerful Inbox designed for scale

Our all-new Inbox is built to handle the volume, speed, and scale of internet business. Designed for the people who use it most, the new Inbox is packed with new features that streamline workflow and collaboration to increase team productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction. Head over to our help center for a demo video and to learn more about what’s new.

Improve your support experience with Custom Actions and Custom Objects in bots

Boost the power of your bots so your customers get the help they need, faster. Custom Actions and Custom Objects enable your bots to access and store live data from tools like your internal databases, Shopify, or Salesforce, and resolve more queries than ever – no code required. Learn how to build out your Custom Bot using Custom Actions right here.

Increase email open rates with dynamic email subject lines

Now you can easily capture the attention of your different customer segments with dynamic subject lines. Simply define your audience rules, personalize the subject line, and start sending highly targeted email campaigns which will, in turn, increase open rates. Learn more about creating dynamic email content here.

On top of these exciting new features, we’ve also made some improvements that will enable you and your teams to work more efficiently.

Ease team management with more teammate permissions

IT administrators can grant support managers access to edit another teammate’s away status (when they are away from the messenger or busy) without permitting full access to permissions and seats. This means they can manage conversation balances across teammates in the course of their day-to-day supervision – providing flexibility for support managers while maintaining control. Discover more about teammate permissions over at our help center.

New email settings for a more personalized support experience

Now you can map your sender address to the inbound address your customers contact you from. For example, if a customer contacts you through support@companyname.com, then your replies will also come from support@companyname.com. When your customers see a reply coming from the familiar address they reached out to, they will be more likely to open your emails and will have immediate context on who is contacting them. Learn how to set it up here.

Improve interoperability and supercharge workflows with API v2.5

The latest version of our API is packed with updates to improve data interoperability, streamline reporting, and enable more sophisticated workflows. API v2.5 enables you to easily export message data via the API or automatically deflect phone calls to the Intercom Messenger with Switch, and more – you can find our list of increased functionalities here.

We’re endeavoring to help our customers reach users in the right place, at the right time, when they’re most likely to take action – thereby, driving engagement and encouraging customer retention. New at Intercom gave us the chance to demonstrate our major new products and we’re so excited to see how these new features will help businesses modernize their engagement efforts.

Whether you missed it or need a recap, we have the event wrapped up for you right here. See you next month for more exciting updates! 👋