What we shipped: 7 new features to deliver personalized experiences at scale

While a personalized approach is key to delivering engaging and positive customer experiences, it can be challenging to maintain the personal touch at scale. At Intercom, we know it’s important to find the right balance and we’re working hard to help our customers do just that.

In the past month, we have released seven new features to help you deliver more personal experiences at scale through both intelligent automation and a data-driven understanding of your customers.

Automation has been an important theme for us recently. We held The Next Chapter keynote in San Francisco to share our exciting news about the future of Intercom. We unveiled Resolution Bot (formerly Answer Bot), our intelligent chatbot powered by Operator that automates answers to your most common questions, as well as Video Bots which combine the personality of video with automation to maximize engagement.

“A personalized approach is key to delivering engaging and positive customer experiences.”

We also released new features and apps to help you understand even more about your visitors and customers are doing on your website, in your app, or on your Messenger so you can glean more insights and be more data-driven and targeted.

Read on to learn more about these and other features that help you deliver more personal experiences at scale:

1. Deliver instant resolutions for happier customers with Resolution Bot

Instantly resolve 33% of your customers’ most common questions. Resolution Bot automatically provides answers to the most frequently asked questions you face, leading to more efficient support and sales teams and more satisfied customers See what Resolution Bot will do for you:

  • Instant resolutions, 24/7: Give your customers precise answers even when your team is busy or offline.
  • On-brand automation: Stay in control with intelligent automation that ensures your answers are always on brand.
  • Immediate efficiency gains: Improve your customer response time by 44% while freeing up your team for more valuable work.

Get started with Resolution Bot here, or learn more about how it works here.

2. 4x engagement and drive action automatically with video bots

You can now combine the engagement and personality of video with the automation of Custom Bots. Best of all, when paired with our library of apps, it’s easier than ever to drive more conversions like webinar sign-ups, newsletter subscriptions, booking meetings and tons more.

To send a Video Bot, create a new Custom Bot and click the video icon shown below:

3. Measure conversions from the Messenger with the Google Analytics app

Track visitor interactions with your Messenger and measure how visitors who use the Messenger perform through the funnel. With the Google Analytics app, you can assess which messages, custom bots and apps have the greatest impact on conversions, so that you can optimize your funnel and maximize the impact of your Messenger on achieving your revenue goals.

Install the app from the Intercom App Store, or see our docs to learn more.

4. Easily book demos and calls with your best leads using our updated scheduling apps

Our Get a Demo and Google Calendar apps enable leads to book demos and meetings right in the Messenger, so that you can focus on selling, not scheduling. With the latest improvements, you can further tailor both apps to your specific workflows.

Get a Demo app updates

  • Link directly to your calendar – on any online scheduling tool – so that VIP leads can book time with you right away.
  • Customize and preview the text your leads will see when booking a demo through the app.

Google Calendar App Updates

  • Define the duration of the meetings that leads can book through the Messenger.
  • Copy your personalized and customizable public calendar link, so you can easily share your calendar outside of the Messenger, too.

Other scheduling updates
In addition to using the Get a Demo and Google Calendar apps, you can now add your calendar to your Messenger profile and make it easy for VIP leads and customers to book meetings with you at any time. Simply input your calendar url into your Intercom public profile.

Learn more about the Get a Demo and Google Calendar apps in our docs, or install them from the Intercom App Store.

5. Track actions visitors take on your website and send more targeted messages

You can now track any action visitors take on your website – things like clicking specific CTAs, visiting certain pages, downloading content and more. This can give you better context when a visitor starts a chat with you, allowing you to see what actions they’ve taken on your site, and also allows you to send more targeted messages based on those actions. Learn more about tracking visitor attributes and events here.

6. Get the right conversation context, faster

Now you can customize what info you see about the leads and users you chat with in the Inbox, including the order it appears in. This lets you view information that matters most to you, first, so you can send personal replies even faster. With this update you can:

  • Set what attributes you see alongside every conversation, or hide anything that clutters your view
  • Reorder the sections of the conversation profile – the right hand column of Inbox – to match your workflow

Any changes that you make will be only visible to you. To customize your view now, click here.

7. Capture and save qualification information in Custom Bot flows

Collect and store lead qualification data while simultaneously branching (or routing) leads down the best path for their needs. Saving responses from these Custom Bot flows, such as vertical or target market, equips your sales and marketing teams with valuable context to improve future conversations or nurture programs.

And here’s some of our favourite apps that have launched on our Intercom App Store:

Unbabel: Automatically translate live chat in any language.

Understand and be understood by your customers in any language – with fast, human-quality translation that’s fully integrated with Intercom. Automatically translate inbound messages into an agent’s preferred language, and then automatically translate agent responses back to the customer’s language. Our fully integrated translation pipeline ensures that your customer receives a native reply in near real time.

Install from the App Store or find out more here.

Outgrow.co: Acquire more leads by sharing calculators, quizzes, polls and more right from your Messenger.

Seamlessly weave interactive content into your Messenger. Boost lead generation with calculators, quizzes and polls that engage visitors and provide personalized answers to their most pressing questions. Plus, gain valuable insights about prospects from the answers they submit.

Install from the App Store or find out more here.

Workato: Intelligently automate and integrate Intercom with all of your tools.

Connect and automate your sales, marketing and support processes across your tech stack. With the Workato app, you can easily jump-start your automations by finding and cloning existing integration “recipes” from the Workato community. Plus, you can use AI to make your workflows more intelligent.

Install from the App Store or find out more here.

Zapier: Automate tasks and save time by connecting Intercom to the tools you use every day.

Connect Intercom to any of the 1,000+ integrated apps on Zapier to automate a wide range of tasks – now including adding or removing tags on users, leads and companies. As a result, you can automatically reflect their stage in your sales process, the products they’re interested and much more. You can also use that data in searches to find the specific company and contact info you need.

Install from the App Store or find out more here.

To keep up to date with the latest updates and changes, you can see our full changelog here.