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Take customer engagement to a new level with our latest releases: A reinvented Messenger, Checklists, and more

Customer engagement is the lifeblood of internet business. In a competitive, ever-changing market, establishing deep relationships with your customers is essential for your business to thrive. 

At Intercom, we understand that the best way to engage your customers is by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time. We’re committed to building a product that helps you understand your customers’ goals and solve their problems in a personalized, contextual way. 

Earlier today, we announced some of our most exciting products and features yet – taking our Engage solution to the next level and enabling exciting new levels of engagement for our customers. Here’s what we’ve built.

Customize your customer engagement strategy with our next-generation Messenger

The latest version of Intercom’s Messenger takes your business messaging beyond support, offering your customers meaningful, in-context opportunities to engage with your brand. Intercom customers using in-app messaging see 3-4x the engagement rates when compared to typical email engagement.

The next-generation Messenger gives you the power to customize and make the Messenger your own, offering your customers a seamless, engaging experience that looks and feels exactly like your brand.

  • Configure your messenger in the way that best meets your users’ needs as they progress through their journey as a visitor, to a lead, to a customer, and eventually a long-term, loyal user. With a fully configurable messenger, you can choose your desired messenger style and relevant tabs, and showcase personalized content to provide ongoing engagement.
  • Seamlessly onboard and activate new users in a structured and contextual way – directly in the Messenger – allowing them to quickly and easily reach their “aha” moment within your product.
  • Share product, event, and company announcements in a targeted way so that they reach the right customers, where they are. We’ve also introduced News, a section within the Messenger that serves as an always-accessible hub to communicate announcements to your audience. 
  • It’s not our Messenger, it’s yours. Make the Messenger your own by weaving in your brand so it feels like an extension of your product, matching fonts, colors, layout, and more. We’ve also added full size or compact options to better fit into your product. Draw your customers in with a modern, personal, on-brand look that you can set up with just one click.

Optimize your customer experience offering with a messenger that is not only customizable and configurable, but versatile, fast, flexible, and designed for modern businesses.

[Find out how our upgraded Messenger can help you offer world-class customer support.]

Educate and drive adoption with Tooltips

Driving action has never been easier – Intercom Tooltips make it quick and easy to create embedded, non-disruptive and persistent messages as tooltips in a customer’s product. Offer your customers information when and where they need it in a non-invasive way. Whether you overlay a Tooltip over a tagged element, or embed it in the application, Tooltips offer you a way to guide your customers through your product experience, explain new features, or suggest improvements to the way they use your product.

Tooltips support the following kinds of functionality:

  • Plain text
  • Smart links to trigger Intercom content types (Tours, News, Surveys, Articles)
  • External links 
  • Embedded video and images


Guide your customers to success with Checklists (coming soon!)

A lot of the time, users of your product, especially newer ones, don’t know what to do next to continue making progress in your product. They get stuck, leave, and it’s difficult (and expensive!) to get them back. Your team knows the set of steps that your customers need to take to get set up, but communicating these steps to your customers in a structured, action-oriented way can be a challenge.

Checklists address this by guiding and motivating your users to complete the next most important action you want them to take, and the actions they should take thereafter. And because Checklists are live in the Messenger, they’re a constant guide for your customers to always get more value from your product.

Create Checklists to help onboard new customers, or prompt existing customers to do something new to increase their product engagement. Everything is customizable and configurable, so you can send different Checklists to different segments of your customer base.

The feature’s power lies in its connection to the rest of Intercom. With Checklists, you can create tasks that:

Because Checklists live within your product, tasks can auto-resolve based on customer data that you’re tracking in Intercom, making it incredibly quick and easy for your customers to start seeing the value of taking actions in your product.

Checklists is currently in beta stage, and will be available to customers very soon!

Embrace omnichannel engagement with our new email template editor (launching in November!) 

We know that email is still an indispensable element of your customer engagement strategy, and we’re committed to continuing to make improvements in this space.

That’s why we’ve invested significantly in creating the best solution possible for our customers – a no-code email template editor that will allow you to design beautiful, personalized, and engaging emails without code, while leveraging your customer data stored in Intercom. Create custom templates with flexible styling options; edit images, font and button styling and easily preview on mobile and desktop. What used to be done only in HTML, you’ll be able to do quickly and easily in the new template editor.

Intercom email editor 

Here’s how our new and improved email editor will help your emails stand out in your customers’ saturated inboxes and deliver real value among a sea of competitors:

  • No code! Craft beautiful, on-brand emails without the need to code. Our new template editor is easier to use, more efficient, and open to teammates of all technical abilities. 
  • Customizable: Create a seamless brand experience across all channels with fully customizable emails.
  • Targeted, personalized communications: Dynamic content allows you to send personalized, one-to-one communications at scale, and because the data is centralized within Intercom, you don’t need to worry about complex integrations when setting up targeted campaigns. Leverage the rich customer data already stored in Intercom to create targeted, effective email campaigns that deliver the right message to the right person.

We’re obsessed with our customers’ success, and we’re excited to see how you use these solutions to take advantage of every engagement opportunity that arises, deepening and strengthening your relationship with your customers. Learn more about our Engage solution here.

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