Built For You series of product announcements

Our biggest releases of 2022: A next-generation Inbox, our most powerful Messenger yet, and the introduction of tickets

2022 has been a year for the books, with major changes and uncertainty across every industry. 

Through it all, we’ve focused on building delightful features for our customers – and today, we’re focusing on something a little more positive with our roundup of the biggest and best of what we’ve built for you this year.

Below are the highlights of what we’ve built for you in 2022, but there’s so much more to see. Read over some of our past “Built for you” posts to learn more about features like two-way SMS, tooltips, and Dynamic Content.

Introducing our most customizable Messenger yet

This October, we were delighted to present our sleekest, most powerful Messenger yet – the only fully customizable messenger that you can truly make your own, optimizing the experience of both your team and your customers throughout their journey. With a modern and flexible no-code design, you can support and engage customers with speed, ease, and versatility.

Rebag - Geronimo Chala

“We use Intercom to power our customer communications, from driving checkout conversions to ongoing customer engagement and delivering personalized support. We’re excited to be able to fully customize the Messenger to match our brand’s look and feel, which will have a huge impact in delivering a consistent and personalized experience to meet our customers’ needs and grow our business.”
– Geronimo Chala, Chief Consumer Officer at Rebag

  • Configure your messenger in the way that best anticipates and meets your users’ needs. Choose your desired messenger style and add relevant tabs to showcase personalized content and give customers the support they need, when they need it.
  • Proactively support your customers before they ever need to reach out to your team by sharing product, event, and company announcements within the new News section of the Messenger. 
  • Make the Messenger your own by customizing to suit your brand so it feels like an extension of your product, matching fonts, colors, layout, and more. We’ve also added full size or compact options to better fit into your product.

Dive deeper into our brand new Messenger and find out how it can take your customer service experience to the next level.

Tickets: a new way to use Intercom 

This year, we released the only messenger-first ticketing solution on the market, so you can provide personal, in-context resolutions to any type of customer query within Intercom. From self-serve queries to complex customer requests, teams across your organization can collaborate without switching tools in a next-gen support solution designed for efficiency and speed.

Tickets have been one of our most common customer requests. But existing ticketing systems are often slow, feel disjointed, and offer an opaque experience to customers, who often don’t know what’s going on with their queries. 

At Intercom, we believe customer service is changing fundamentally, and we’re building a product that fits the landscape of modern support. That means reimagining the way things have always been done, and reshaping familiar support tools to suit a world where every business is an online business. That’s exactly what we aimed to do with our new tickets product – taking a new perspective on the long-established ticketing system.

We were using Intercom for chat and Zendesk for ticketing, but now all of our support requests are in Intercom. We don’t have to pay for two systems anymore, and our support teams don’t waste time switching between two tools.
– Erik Wantland, Director of Support, Copper

Here’s how tickets will change the way your team supports your customers:

  • Reduces your team’s costs
  • Improves efficiency and response times
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Allows your customers to self-serve

Learn more about the only Messenger-first ticketing solution

Embrace speed and scale with our next-gen Inbox

In our personal lives, we’ve gotten used to incredible tools like WhatsApp – yet, at work we’re often let down. Think about the tools you or your team use everyday; are they modern and intuitive, or clunky and complicated? All too often it’s the latter, because they weren’t built to provide a delightful experience. 

We believe that in the future, the experience of the tools we use at work will be indistinguishable from our personal life. That’s why we transformed the Intercom Inbox into a tool that better resembles the world-class tools we use outside of work – blazingly fast, collaborative, visually stunning, and loved by their users.


Future-proof your support team with:

  • Intuitive and crisp design
  • Blazingly fast load times
  • Speedy shortcuts
  • Improved Smart Replies
  • Next-level customization
  • A manager-specific view
  • Dark mode

Find out more about our consumer-grade support tool that will help you streamline workflows, better collaborate, and meet user expectations.

Optimize your bot flows with our visual bot builder

Our new no-code bot builder offers the ultimate configurable and visual bot-building experience, helping you create a sophisticated automation strategy efficiently and without any technical knowledge. Visualize every step your customers will take, spot potential improvements, and quickly remove any barriers keeping your customers from an optimal experience before they encounter them.


The visual bot builder helps your team:

  • Create sophisticated chatbots more quickly: Save time for your team and your customers.
  • Reduce inbound conversation volume: Increasing the number, efficiency, and effectiveness of your bots means your customers will be more likely to self-serve. 
  • Spend less time troubleshooting: Easily identify any part of a bot flow that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Ready to get started? Find out how you can raise the bar with our visual bot builder.

Automate more resolutions with Custom Actions and Custom Objects in bots

These exciting no-code capabilities will help boost your self-serve resolution rate by allowing your bots to access information and actions in your other tools, so they can resolve more customer queries than ever.

custom actions custom objects intercom

With Custom Actions, your bots can access and store live data from tools like your internal databases, Shopify, or Salesforce. And with Custom Objects, you can import and model your data in Intercom in the way that makes most sense for your business, resulting in better end-user experiences and more powerful capabilities for teammates using Intercom.

Find out how you can harness the power of custom actions and custom objects in your bots and within the Intercom Inbox.

Uplevel your support offering with Switch

Phone is still a very popular channel for support, despite being difficult to scale. Agents can only speak with one customer at a time, resulting in long wait times for customers, especially during busy periods.

With Switch, your customers can choose to move their query to the Messenger at the press of a button, rather than waiting on hold. This means they can get faster help – especially if their query can be solved through automation – and reduces inbound call volume for your team. What’s more, it works with any phone provider, no code required, and gives your team the power to offer unmatched customer service at any scale.

We’re excited to see how it helps you to scale your customer support offering. 

Loyalzoo - Annabelle Frank (1)-pdf

“Since implementing Intercom’s Switch feature, we’ve seen a 50% reduction in voicemails and phone calls because our inbound volume is being directed to chat. It helps us provide real-time support and respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries. A true game changer for customer service.”
– Annabelle Frank, Chief Happiness Officer at Loyalzoo

Offer your customers the chance to Switch now.

Gain invaluable customer insights with Surveys

With Intercom Surveys, businesses can capture and act on customer feedback all within Intercom. Automatically turn insights into action with responsive workflows that use customer feedback to inform workflows and the kind of support offered to individual users. 

Save survey replies and use the data to improve support, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize response rates. With Intercom Surveys, siloed data and delayed reactions become a thing of the past. 

Novakid – Anna Diyachenko

“Since we started using Intercom Surveys, we’re getting 19x more responses than we were before. They’re quicker and easier for customers to complete because they appear in our product and don’t disrupt their flow.”
– Anna Diyachenko, Support Manager at Novakid

“Since we started using Intercom Surveys, we’re getting 19x more responses than we were before. They’re quicker and easier for customers to complete because they appear in our product and don’t disrupt their flow.”

Learn how you can adapt to meet growing customer expectations with Intercom Surveys.

Manage Instagram messages in Intercom

Handle your Instagram direct messages right from your Intercom Inbox, helping you deliver faster responses while maximizing convenience for both your team and your customers. And to keep your team efficient, Instagram works with all the same Inbox automations you rely on, such as macros, rules, SLAs, and more.

instagram inbox

Plus, this year saw many new and updated integrations from our partners including Aircall, Fullview, and Surfboard. Check them out in our app store.

Learn more about handling your Instagram conversations right from the Intercom Inbox.

These are just some of our top releases from 2022. Every month, we release a blog post covering all the new features we’ve built for our customers. For a more in-depth look at this year’s product developments, check them out here

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