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Built for you: Deeper insights, stronger customer engagement, integrations, and more

We stay in close conversation with our customers so we can find new ways to make Intercom even better for you and your teams.

Over the last few months, we’ve released updates that help you improve and measure your conversational support efforts, engage customers with multichannel transactional messaging and other customer engagement enhancements, and integrate the tools you use every day – including WhatsApp! 🎉

All of these improvements come directly from feedback from you, our customers, so we can help you to support and engage your customers like never before.

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Conversational support

Create a more efficient and effortless self-serve support experience (even on mobile), understand how each layer of your Conversational Support Funnel is working for you, and anticipate staffing needs with the new average handling time metric.

Make it easier to self-serve with Articles in the Messenger

Customer feedback:

Hello! Can we set up our Messenger so that when people have a question and they click on the search bar, they can see our different collection of Articles?

The Article Search app has been redesigned as an integrated Help Center experience that drives better self-serve support by allowing your customers to either search or browse your Articles from directly within the Messenger.

The Article Search app has been redesigned as an integrated Help Center experience.

With new settings and configurations, you can now move the Article card to the top of your Messenger and require customers to search or browse for an answer before reaching out to your support team. With an expanded window, it’s easier than ever to read articles in the Messenger. Best of all? Searching and browsing Articles is supported on mobile!

Get deeper insights with the Conversational Support Funnel report

See how your proactive, self-serve, and human support efforts are performing with the Conversational Support Funnel report. With this handy report, you can easily see which support methods are resolving the most queries and delivering the highest return on investment. Using these insights, you can identify trends in your support funnel to see where you should invest your resources in the future for maximum impact.

The Conversational Support Funnel report in action

Understand performance and improve planning with average handling time metrics

In the Team Performance report, we have now added the average time teammates spend working on conversations. With this new metric you can better understand your team’s performance and plan future capacity and staffing needs more accurately.

You can now see Average handling time in Team performance

Conversational engagement

Reach and engage more customers with new multichannel transactional messaging, enhanced Product Tours, and an improved email experience.

Reach your customers wherever they are with transactional messaging

Customer feedback:

We need transactional emails, like for example password recovery and that kind of thing. Is it possible to do this with Intercom?

Send transactional messages – such as account creation or verification, shipping or delivery confirmations, and more – with Intercom. Ensure that your customers always receive business critical messages with event-based and schedule-based messaging, granular email subscription settings, and transactional email deliverability features. With Intercom, you aren’t limited to just emails, so send transactional messages to wherever your customers are and they’ll get the message right away.

Engage your customers with enhancements to Product Tours

Customer feedback:

Hi there, is there a way to make sure my Intercom pointer message in a Product Tour is positioned to the left of the click element? It’s auto-moving to the bottom and covering up some information. :)

With the latest enhancements to Product Tours you can drive more engagement of your tours with increased flexibility over the user experience. Your customers now have options to snooze a tour, so they can take it at a time that works better for them, or restart a tour, so they can take a tour from the beginning. Additionally, customize the pointer size and position, as well as button text and colors, to make sure your tours match your company branding. You can also schedule a tour for a future date or send a tour multiple times.

Customize your outbound emails with email editor improvements

Improvements to the email editor mean you get more control over the outbound emails you send. Now you can easily add bulleted and numbered lists, alt text to images, and UTM tracking parameters to links, all from a new full page editor experience. These are just some of the improvements we have planned. Be sure to look out for even more in the future!


Make your bots work harder for you. Our latest improvements allow you to more accurately answer questions with Resolution Bot, customize the Messenger experience with different apps when conversations are closed, and more.

Find the right answer with Unanswered Questions in Resolution Bot

Suggested Answers in Resolution Bot has been completely revamped, with a new dedicated page for Unanswered Questions. View all answer suggestions and see how a suggestion has changed over time, making it simple to create answers to common customer questions.

Boost engagement by triggering Messenger apps after conversations

Customer feedback:

Is there a way to schedule or automate follow-up messages to closed conversations? I’m looking for more depth in conversation satisfaction through CES scores.

You can now automatically insert any Messenger app to close conversations with leads or users instead of the standard Intercom Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) application. This added control gives you more ways to customize how conversations end to provide better customer experiences, generate more leads, and close deals faster!

Tailor the customer experience with more Resolution Bot improvements

Customer feedback:

Is it possible to change Resolution Bot’s language to Indonesian?

Resolution Bot is even more powerful with our other latest releases. New options allow you to customize the quick reply button text to tailor the experience to your audience. And with 25 additional languages, you can ensure you’re helping your customers in their preferred language.

Changing languages in Resolution Bot


Introducing WhatsApp

Customer feedback:

Hi Intercom team! Are you planning to include WhatsApp business in Intercom? Our company has almost every channel in Intercom now with a few exceptions.

Customer feedback:

We would love to use a WhatsApp integration as an additional support channel.

Reach your customers in a channel they already know and love: WhatsApp! Our latest integration allows you to keep the same rules and processes you have set up in your Intercom Inbox while handling conversations from WhatsApp.

Our latest integration allows you to keep the same rules and processes you have set up in your Intercom Inbox while handling conversations from WhatsApp.

Your customers can easily transition a conversation started in the Messenger to WhatsApp if that’s where they prefer to reply. And with in-depth reporting, you can see how WhatsApp compares to other channels in your omnichannel support stack. Get started from the app store today!

Salesforce app updates

This quarter we released a number of updates to our Salesforce app. Here are just some of the highlights:

Create and view Salesforce cases using your existing record types without leaving the Intercom Inbox. Take advantage of pre-existing layouts, default values, and required fields to ensure the right data is available to work cases and use in your Salesforce workflows.

Optimize your configuration. When possible, we use recently updated Intercom and Salesforce records to recommend the optimal field to map your Accounts in Salesforce with Companies in Intercom, making your configuration more accurate and easier to set up.

Identify and resolve potential issues (before they become issues). You can now more easily monitor and quickly troubleshoot potential issues with your Salesforce configuration using our new Sync Status and Sync Error settings areas.


The new integration lets you create segments of users in Intercom using Delighted data, and also gives you the ability to trigger surveys based on key events or actions.


Integromat makes it easy to connect Intercom to 850+ tools to build powerful workflow automations – all with the help of an intuitive visual builder and without any need for coding.


The new Copper integration from Highways lets you give your team access to Copper right from within their Intercom Inbox, so they can spend less time switching tabs and more time engaging with customers.

Small problem solvers

Descriptive away statuses

When setting their status as Away, teammates are now able to select a descriptive reason, such as “on a break” or “in a meeting”. From the teammates settings page, managers can see a holistic view of teammates’ current Away statuses.

Customizable notification sounds

Customer feedback:

Hi, is there a way to change the notification sound?

Teammates can change the notification sound they hear for new activity in a conversation in the Inbox, giving them even more control over their Intercom experience.

You can now change the notification sound in Intercom.

New permissions

Two new permissions give you even more control over your Intercom experience. Firstly, you can now restrict which teammates can send outbound emails from custom addresses, mitigating any security risks. Secondly, teammates can now be restricted from importing customer data via the Contacts list, or our Mailchimp and Mixpanel integrations, reducing the chance of an accidental data overwrite.


Mobile SDK updates

With our latest SDK updates, your customers can now upload videos from their camera roll in a conversation, allowing teammates to better troubleshoot support requests. We have also updated the iOS SDK to support iOS15.

We’re always looking for more feedback on how Intercom can work harder for you, so be sure to share your thoughts with us! You can also check out what other customers and teammates from across Intercom are saying about these new features and updates over in Interconnected, our customer community forum. See you there!

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